One Piece Chapter 134


Jango’s Dance Paradise Special: Medical Student Kaya
Kaya walks through the village with a doctor’s case and is protected by Onion, Carrot and Pepper.


Usopp and Vivi tell Dalton in broad strokes about their meeting with Wapol. In the process, Vivi remarks that she has already met Wapol in her childhood and that Wapol will probably return to Drum. Dalton is disturbed by this and tells them that Wapol, just to protect himself, became a pirate, fled his country, and left his people defenseless. Vivi is deeply shocked by this behavior.

Dalton then tells them that the land now belongs to those who have not given up and it is now developing again, so their greatest fear is the return of Wapol. The inhabitants fight for a peaceful and just Drum.

Meanwhile, Luffy, with Nami piggybacking, and Sanji trudge through the snow and are attacked by a baby Lapin, which they ignore. Sanji eventually kicks the baby Lapin away in annoyance, which leads to full-grown Lapins building up menacingly in front of them a short time later.

In the village, everyone is worried about Luffy, Sanji and Nami and learns that the doctor is headed to the neighboring village, they are shocked by this at first. Meanwhile, Wapol and his crew have spotted Drum and are happy to finally be back.

In the neighboring town of Cocoa Weed, a child is sick and Dr. Kureha and Chopper come to cure him. Dr. Kureha kicks in the door of the inn and all the people in the room are shocked. The boy is placed on a table and treated by her while the villagers stand around the table worried and scared. She gives the boy a shot and then demands 50% of his money as payment from the father, plus rum, food, garbage bags and tissues – he is not happy about this. People think they’ve been set up by Dr. Kureha and Chopper goes on the attack, but she calms him down and the cured boy thanks her. Pleased with the gesture, she only takes 49% of the money the father is now willing to pay, and Dr. Kureha says goodbye, telling him not to forget the feeling he just had.

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