One Piece Chapter 133


Luffy, Sanji and Nami are traveling in a sled and ask a dragon-like creature for directions.


In the meantime Zoro’s injury, which he had inflicted on himself at Little Garden, has healed, according to him. He proudly presents his two feet to the freezing Karoo and announces to start his training again. Immediately he takes off his jacket to put his plan to go swimming in the icy water into action.

Scene change to the village of Big Horn: The other part of the Straw Hat Pirates has arrived at Dalton’s home village. Relieved, Sanji says they’ve finally made it, while Dalton thanks the supposed soldiers, who are in fact ordinary residents of Drum Island, for their help and announces to the Straw Hat Pirates that he’s going to his house. Suddenly, however, a figure causes a commotion for Luffy and Usopp. Both discover a “mega specimen” of the Hiking Bear, but it turns out to be a normal citizen with puree cake, who asks Dalton about the pirates, who responds that everything is fine.

When they arrive at Dalton’s house, it turns out that he is the leader of the island’s protection group. He immediately asks Vivi, who looks very familiar, if they have met before, which she denies and hastily tries to change the subject by asking about the “witch”. After a fair amount of time inside the warm house, Nami’s fever still hasn’t dropped. By now, her body temperature is already 42°. Slowly everyone realizes that the situation seems to be even more serious than first thought. When Sanji asks where the doctor is, Dalton points out the window. There, however, the view is blocked by Luffy’s just-built snowman and Usopp’s snow dinosaur “Weissi”. Quickly, the artwork is destroyed and the leader of the protection group explains that Dr. Kureha lives on a castle that sits on top of the highest of the Snow Rockies. The cook of the Straw Hats insists that the doctor be summoned, to which Dalton inquires how that would work. Instead of reasonably answering why they didn’t have Den-den Mushis, he just tells them that Kureha is “about 140” and that she really likes pickled plums. Sometimes she would come down the mountain to treat her patients, loot them, and then disappear, though Luffy notes that this is not very ladylike. Vivi’s question about how the doctor would come down the mountain is answered by him saying that Kureha was supposedly sometimes seen flying to the villages on a sleigh during the full moon, and that this is also why she is called a “witch”. Others say that she has a strange animal with her, which Usopp immediately takes as a reference to the Yeti.

After receiving this information, Luffy gets up, runs to Nami, and enlightens her that willy-nilly, they would have to climb the mountain. He would carry her. Despite the objections of the rest of the Straw Hats, Nami allows him to do so. When Sanji overhears this, he agrees to accompany them as well, while Vivi and Usopp decide to stay in the village. After the trio leaves, Dalton offers the two comrades who stayed behind to go back to the house, but their pride won’t allow the two pirates to do so. Therefore, Dalton also decides to stay with the two and tells them what happened a few months ago, which was the reason that there is only one female doctor left on the island: Some time ago, the island was ravaged by a previously unknown crew of six led by a pirate named “Blackbeard”. In the process, the tyrannical king was also driven out, which some of the inhabitants even considered a liberation. In the process, he notes that the last king’s name was Wapol, whereupon Vivi and Usopp are immediately shocked to discover that they know this man.

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