One Piece Chapter 132


Jango’s Disco Show Part 6: Almost Hit!
Jango and Captain Morgan sail past each other. But since they are both asleep, they don’t notice each other.


The chapter begins with Luffy making the suggestion to douse Nami with water to relieve her fever. His suggestion is rejected by Sanji and Vivi, who get physical. Luffy then falls against the wall, where an image comes loose and hits the pirate on the head. In the middle of the night, Nami finally wakes up briefly and is pleased to find that apparently some of the Straw Hats are looking out for her. Meanwhile, Sanji is in the Going Merry’s lookout, complaining about the cold. As he does so, he recalls the events of the previous day, when Wapol tried to capture the Straw Hats’ ship.

Brief flashback: Chess and Marimo are shocked that Luffy’s gang has “submerged” their king and discover that their king does not have the ability to swim. Immediately, the enemy pirates abandon the The Going Merry and head their ship toward the spot where Wapol should presumably be submerged. The flashback ends with the warning that the Straw Hats will bitterly regret this outrage.

Vivi believes that they will reach a winter island in the near future. Usopp takes the opportunity to inquire what a winter island is, to which Vivi lists four different types of islands, each with four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter islands. While doing so, she mentions that on the Grand Line, you have to survive all 16 seasons, with thousands more exceptions. Shortly after, Sanji reports that land is in sight. Luffy gets the call inside the Going Merry and tells the sleeping Nami that she’s sure to be okay soon. While doing so, he jibes around until Zoro allows his captain to take a look at the island.

Luffy is completely enthralled by the snow, and even Usopp’s comment that they won’t be on the island for long is simply ignored. The gang’s sniper realizes shortly after that he must have a snow allergy, triggered once again by his fear of the island. This time, he’s afraid of the yeti. Luffy is totally entranced by the scenery that he doesn’t even feel the cold. He doesn’t understand Usopp’s question if he’s not cold. Immediately afterwards, however, he realizes himself that it is quite cold. Shortly after Luffy and Sanji agree to see a doctor, the ship is surrounded by armed inhabitants of the island who make the appeal to leave immediately. When Luffy explains that they only want to see a doctor, he is immediately accused of lying. When Sanji goes to attack the soldiers, Vivi stops him and in return gets a shot off herself that was actually meant for Sanji. Now Luffy gets angry too, causing the bullets to immediately be directed at the Straw Hat. But before Luffy gets a chance to attack, he’s stopped by Vivi, who has picked herself back up and thinks that only diplomacy is right at this moment. Luffy obeys and again asks for help with a bow, until the leader of the soldiers finally agrees and leads them to the village, noting that they only have one female doctor on the island, who is a “witch”.

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