One Piece Chapter 131


Jango’s Disco Show, Part 5: Dance or Die!
Jango sails away in a boat, while in the background Onion, Carrot and Pepper jubilantly raise their swords to the sky.


The Going Merry is sailing across the sea when at one point Luffy asks if it is possible to walk on water, to which he is rebuked by Usopp that it is not. But Zoro, sitting in the crow’s nest, denies the sniper’s statement and points out a person standing on the water a few feet away from the ship. Luffy and Usopp rub their eyes, thinking the man is imaginary, but he is still standing there. After a few moments of silence, the person eventually says that it’s quite cold that day, to which Luffy agrees. Usopp adds that it would be cold especially for the current time of year, which the man does wonder about. Silence follows again.

Suddenly the command “Surface!” is heard, whereupon a huge ship emerges from the water in front of the The Going Merry. At this it turns out that the bowman was not on the water at all, but only on the lookout of the ship. The side panels preventing water from entering the ship flip open and it turns out that the ship is occupied by pirates. Inside the Going Merry, when Sanji feels the ship being rocked around by the wave, he runs up on deck, where a gun is immediately held in front of his face. The captain of the intruders manning the The Going Merry notes that there are now four people and that the crew is very small. At this he eats a piece of meat along with the knife. The pirate is introduced as the Tin Man Wapol, who after his “snack” asks about a log port or an Eternal port for Drum, to which Sanji replies in the negative, with a note that they were unaware of Drum. Luffy angrily adds that the pirates should finally get the hell out of here, being admonished by Wapol to not be so cocky and give up the ship. He then asks to wait a moment as he is still hungry and promptly bites off a large piece of wood from the Straw Hats’ ship. As Luffy yells at him to stop gnawing on the rope now too, he is prevented from attacking Wapol by a soldier. When he brings his fist down on Wapol’s fellow soldier instead, he is surrounded. Along with Zoro and Sanji, he fights off the pirate gang and eventually makes it to the captain, who quickly puts Luffy in his mouth through the Munch-Munch fruit to eat him.

However, he’s not completely in the tin man’s mouth. Luffy stretches his arms and brings his fists down on Wapol. He is flung off the ship, releasing the rubber man in the process.

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