One Piece Chapter 130


Jango’s Disco Show, Part 4: Usopp’s Watch Squad
Onion, Carrot and Pepper chase Jango away with their wooden swords.


Because of her high fever, Nami is forced to stay in bed. The straw hats can’t explain the cause of the illness and only realize their problem when the fever rises to 40 degrees.

In Arabasta, there is no end to the unrest. For Vivi’s sake, the ailing navigator overplays her misery and scrambles to keep the The Going Merry on course. Although the crew wants to transport her back to her bed, Nami senses a drastic change in the weather. Vivi wants to get back to her kingdom quickly, but not without seeing a doctor first. Nami then realizes that she is too weak and admits defeat.

The next moment, a huge hurricane passes by. Fortunately, Nami has corrected the course, otherwise the pirates would have steered straight into the storm. One thing becomes clear to the straw hats: they can’t do it without Nami!

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