One Piece Chapter 128


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The Straw Hat Pirates flies through the air on flying dinosaurs. Saddles are attached to the heads of these. Nami, Vivi, and Sanji, who is struggling to hold on, fly on one dinosaur, while Usopp flies alone on one, cheering. Zoro sits on a third, with Luffy hanging from his harness.


Somewhere on the Grand Line: While Tashigi is admiring a sword, Smoker asks her to listen to the recorded phone conversation. From the conversation between Sanji and Mr. 0, the words “Straw Hat Pirates”, “Princess Vivi”, “Mr. 0” and “Orders” also fell. Due to the long distance, the eavesdropper could only catch a few words and not the whole phone conversation. Tashigi immediately thinks of Mr. 0 possibly having a connection with Mr. 11, who they captured a few days ago, and points to a person tied to the pole. Smoker agrees with her and says it would definitely be a secret crime organization then if they’re using numbers as aliases.

Mr. 11 acts clueless and assures them both he has no idea what they’re talking about. Smoker mentions the order in his pocket and Mr. 11 starts sweating, since he was sure he burned it, and is about to make an excuse when Smoker interrupts him and explains that they didn’t find anything in his pocket at all. Tashigi’s mentor sits down and says that Princess Vivi is the missing princess from Arabasta. Tashigi asks him if the Straw Hat Pirates might be working with the crime organization. He doesn’t know for sure, but it’s their only clue. Smoker now wants to request an Eternal Port from naval headquarters to travel to the land of the desert, Arabasta.

Grand Line, Little Garden: Brogy and Dorry thank the Straw Hat Pirates for saving their lives. Dorry says he’s already forgotten about the bounty on their heads. Vivi says worriedly that they were really only on this island because of her and not the bounty on the giants’ heads. Nami pulls Vivi’s cheek and admonishes her not to talk such nonsense. Luffy, while he and Usopp are eating crackers, asks her why she’s worried about this and offers her some too. Nami asks him where he got them, and tells him that no one said anyone was mad at her.

Zoro speaks up and says they don’t have a year to wait for the log port to recharge. Nami agrees with him and Luffy asks the two giants to help them, which Dorry denies since they have no idea about log ports. All of a sudden, Sanji comes running out of the forest with heart eyes and calls for Nami and Vivi. Luffy greets him and Usopp, offended, says that’s where the guy who was nowhere to be found when they needed him comes running. When Sanji recognizes the giants, he asks in surprise if that’s Mr. 3. Nami asks him how he knows about Mr. 3 and only now does Sanji recognize Nami, who is now only wearing a bra and exclaims out loud that he’s never seen her really sexy before.

Sanji briefly explains his previous experiences. Vivi is surprised to see Sanji talking to Mr. 0. Sanji says Mr. 0 thought he was Mr. 3 and told him they were all dead. Usopp can’t believe they can’t continue on their way even though they defeated their opponents. Sanji asks him why they can’t continue and holds up an Eternal port to Arabasta. With joy, Vivi hugs Sanji, which he clearly enjoys. Because of this, Luffy now wants to start a cracker party, however they only have three left. Furthermore, Nami admonishes him not to enjoy his life now of all times, since they have to hurry anyway.

Sanji reminds Zoro of their hunting bet with the biggest kill. Zoro claims victory for killing a large dinosaur. Brogy and Dorry remind the words “hunt” and “bet” of something. Luffy says goodbye to the giants and wishes them both luck for years to come. The giants are sad to leave already, but don’t want to stop the gang and wish Vivi well so she can save her country. Usopp promises the two to come to Elbaf someday, and the Straw Hat Pirates sets off for the Going Merry. Brogy and Dorry worry about the safety of their new friends because there is a giant monster lurking in the sea. The two decide to help them.

Zoro and Sanji argue over which animal is bigger. Nami says it doesn’t matter, since they can’t take all the loot anyway, and asks Sanji to cut out the best pieces. Zoro wants to consult Usopp, but he doesn’t want to get involved in the matter. Vivi thinks it could be a draw, but the two opponents immediately refuse, as they think there is no such thing as a draw in a competition.

The Straw Hat Pirates is now sailing towards the exit from Little Garden. In front of them are Brogy and Dorry, who don’t want to harm the flag of the Straw Hat Pirates. The two ask them to trust them and just keep going straight, which Luffy does. A giant monster suddenly appears in front of the Going Merry in the sea, which Brogy and Dorry try to protect the Straw Hat Pirates from with their lives.

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