One Piece Chapter 127


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 2: Take Me With You! Jango stretches his arm out to the sea as the Black Cat pirate gang leaves without him. He seems very distressed.


Little Garden: Brogy cries loudly and his tears are like a waterfall, even creating a rainbow. The Straw Hat Pirates is standing in front of him. They can understand his feelings, but he is too loud for them. Suddenly, Dorry stands up again. Brogy looks at him with astonished eyes. Dorry says he must have been unconscious for a while. Dorry can’t believe he’s still alive, while the Straw Hat Pirates rejoices. Dorry thinks it’s because of the guns. While they are made to last a long time, they are not made for a 100 year war. Usopp is dumbfounded and says it’s a true miracle. Brogy hugs his friend with joy and is glad to be alive.

Zoro says that it’s a real miracle that the weapons still look like weapons after 100 years, which is also true for their owners. Brogy shouts out loud that it’s a wonderful day and thanks the gods of Elbaf. Dorry asks his friend if he’s really happy that he almost killed his friend. Brogy replies that he doesn’t talk about it and slaps at Dorry’s wound, which he takes as a call for another fight. Nami gets upset that they want to fight each other again.

Wax House in the Jungle: Sanji still has Mr. 0 on the Den-den Mushi. The Cook knows that Vivi was talking about this being the leader of the Baroque Company and one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. Mr. 0 asks Sanji what’s going on at Little Garden, since he already gave him orders a few days ago, addressing him as Mr. 3. Sanji deduces that the Den-den Mushi is Mr. 3s then and he is in hiding from him. Mr. 0 asks him why he isn’t answering and if he has killed Princess Vivi and the Straw Hat Pirates yet.

Sanji replies (as Mr. 3) that he took out everyone who knew about Mr. 0’s secret and says there’s no need to keep hunting for them. Mr. 0 thanks him for carrying out the mission and says he sent the unlucky ones to check if Mr. 3 really did his job. They also have an Eternal port to Arabasta with them. He and Miss Goldenweek are told to get back to Arabasta so they can execute their move to the finale.

Suddenly, the unlucky ravens Miss Friday and Mr. 13 are standing in the windows of the guard house. They are preparing to kill Sanji. Without further ado, he finishes off the unlucky ravens while Mister 0 asks what happened. Sanji replies that the Straw Hats merely got back up and he killed them for good. He says that Sanji had just told him that he had completely finished his job, after all, to which the cook replies that those kids were stronger than he thought. Mr. 0 thinks that he lied to him. Sanji assures him that everyone is one hundred percent dead now. The samurai leaves it at that and instructs him to head to Arabasta immediately. He also doesn’t want to give him any more orders via Den-den Mushi, as the navy could be listening in on the conversations. Mr. 0 hangs up.

Mr. 0 orders Miss Bloody Sunday to send Mr. 2 to Little Garden, who is to take the direct route between Arabasta and Little Garden so that Mr. 3 will be killed no matter what. Miss Bloody Sunday finds the plan very brutal, to which Mr. 0 replies that they have enough helpers to take this loss.

Sanji wonders who these animals are that attacked him. He finds an Eternal Port to Arabasta.

Grand Line: On a naval ship, Smoker is told of a very interesting conversation.

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