One Piece Chapter 126


Jango’s Dance Paradise, Part 1: Sleep well? Jango sits on the ground in front of a forest and grabs his head.


Little Garden: Mr. 5 and Miss Goldenweek are standing in front of the XXL candelabra that has burst into flames. Mr. 3 has gotten out of his melted wax champion and is crying out because of the heat. Luffy wonders if Zoro, Nami, and Vivi are okay in the fire. Mr. 3 now flees into the forest and Luffy wants to chase him, while Karoo dodges the wax splatters raining down on him and follows Luffy. Mr. 5 is furious because their plan has been foiled. Miss Valentine, still on top of Usopp, punches him and wants to kill him for being responsible for the disaster. She climbs up in the air and plans to kill the long-nose with her 10,000-pound guillotine.

Just before Miss Valentine can decapitate Usopp, Nami and Vivi jump out of the flames, which are now free again, and knock out the Baroque agent. Jokingly, the two women complain to Usopp that it’s so hot, which Usopp doesn’t find funny and wants them to thank him for saving their lives, which Nami and Vivi do.

Mr. 5 now threatens the Straw Hats with his gun, which Usopp tries to take out with a powder bullet. Unfortunately for Mr. 5, he swallows the bullet again, thinking it won’t hurt him again. But Usopp lied and it’s not a powder bullet, but a Tabasco bullet that makes Mr. 5 breathe fire.

The Baroque agent is fed up with the pirates and throws himself at Usopp so he can rip him into a thousand pieces with his full body explosion. Zoro also gets in on the action now, jumping out of the fire and finishing off Mr. 5 with a flaming demon slice. Brogy straightens up as well. Zoro says to him that life would be the most beautiful thing in the world. Brogy agrees with him and asks if there aren’t two more enemies.

Luffy and Karoo run through the forest in search of Mr. 3. Luffy wants revenge for the fact that the guard man disturbed the sacred duel between Brogy and Dorry. The latter has set up a veritable waxworks in the forest, and there are countless Mr. 3s in front of the Straw Hat and the Race Duck. Luffy looks around as Mr. 3 sneers to him that he’s dealing with a special agent who always gets his assignments right. The guard man plans to kill Luffy with a knife as soon as he turns his back. With a well-aimed gum-gum stamp, Luffy attacks the real Mr. 3, who is leaning against a tree. Dazed, he asks the captain how he found out he was the real one. Luffy replies that it was instinct, which impresses Karoo and Miss Goldenweek, who was also watching.

Little Garden, in the forest: Sanji is sitting in Mr. 3’s wax house drinking tea until he realizes he forgot that Nami might be in danger. As he walks, he wonders what such a comfortable house of wax is doing in a jungle and is almost out the door when suddenly a Den-den Mushi rings. Curious, Sanji picks up and answers it as if he were in a restaurant. On the other end of the line, a voice admonishes him to cut the nonsense and asks for the report. When Sanji asks what report he means and who is speaking, the voice replies that he is Mr. 0.

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