One Piece Chapter 125


Karoo is in a clothes store with Vivi and is standing in front of a mirror while adjusting a bow tie. A salesman stands behind him and compliments him.


Grand Line, Little Garden, The Going Merry: Sanji has been waiting on the ship for hours without anyone from the returning gang. He decides to go find the others, especially Vivi and Nami. He plans to cook the captured dinosaur later. A saber-toothed tiger approaches him, but is quickly defeated by Sanji and reduced to a mount. In the middle of the jungle, Sanji suddenly finds himself in front of a wax house.

Little Garden, Luffy vs. Mr.3: Vivi, Nami and Zoro are waxed in the XXL candelabra, they are still alive though. Mr.5 laughs at Luffy, as his friends will soon die and make ideal wax figures with Miss Goldenweek’s colors. Mr. 3 comes back to the clearing in his armor wax champion, his secret weapon. Miss Goldenweek brushes him with Colors Trap, making the armour hard as iron. Meanwhile, Usopp notices wax raining from the XXL candelabra. Luffy hits Mr.3 with a gum-gum pistol, who deflects the blow with his fist and charges towards the straw hat. A quick succession of punches follows, none of which hit. Luffy dodges with an upward leap and aims the gum-gum pistol at Mr.3’s face, who is able to parry the kick with his fists.

Usopp understands that the wax by the candelabra melts from the heat of the candles. He calls out to Luffy that wax stays wax and melts from heat. They still have a chance to save Brogy and the other three. Mr. 3 is unfazed by the discovery, saying they only have 30 seconds to save their friends and he’ll know how to stop it. Usopp cocks his slingshot and pays no further attention to Mr. 3, but doesn’t notice Mr. 5, who fires a Breeze Breath Bomb at Usopp with his revolver. Hit, Usopp falls to the ground, and Luffy goes to avenge him by attacking Mr. 5. Mr. 3 takes advantage of the situation and knocks Luffy down from behind. Usopp is on the ground and gives Karoo a rope, but Miss Valentine notices the conversation and sits on Usopp. Meanwhile, Karoo has run off with the rope and is being chased by Mr. 5’s projectiles, which he is able to dodge due to his speed. Miss Valentine gradually increases her weight, Usopp spits blood, but hopes Karoo can do his job. Mr. 3 attacks Luffy with unabated intensity, standing on his face all at once and grabbing the burning hair. He pulls Mr. 3 over to the XXL candelabra that Karoo has wrapped the rope around. Luffy is told to simply light the rope, which Usopp has previously soaked in oil. Luffy slams the flame against the rope and a huge jet flame surrounds the XXL candelabra.

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