One Piece Chapter 124


Sanji is standing at a boat stop called Tsuru, whose emblem is a bird. In front of him in the water is a boat with the shape of this bird, in it stands a man wearing a hat on which is also a figure of such a bird. In his hand the cook holds a suitcase.


Luffy, who actually knows that he should destroy the pumpkin head, suddenly says that he doesn’t feel like it. Nami, Zoro and Vivi are less enthusiastic about this.

From the edge of the forest, Usopp and Karoo watch the action. The gunner of the Straw Hats also can’t explain what suddenly happened to his captain. He wants to go over to him with Karoo to see what’s going on, but suddenly Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine get in his way. The two explain to him that Luffy has fallen into a trap and that Usopp should look under his feet. Indeed, he sees a black sign on the ground. Distracted by this, he is attacked by Mr. 5, but is able to jump out of the way in time and then escape with Vivi’s race duck.

Meanwhile, Vivi has also noticed that Miss Goldenweek is behind Luffy’s strange behavior. She has painted the black mark under his feet. Black is the color of betrayal and so Luffy won’t heed his friends’ pleas. But when Vivi suddenly yells at him not to step out of the sign, he steps out and is himself again.

Shortly after Luffy steps out of the black mark, he suddenly starts laughing, which the three don’t find funny at all. But once again, Miss Goldenweek is to blame for Luffy’s behavior. She has painted a yellow sign on his back this time. Yellow stands for good mood and so Luffy has to laugh incessantly and can’t move. Since the sign is on his back, Nami tells him to take off his shirt. However, Luffy can’t move because of the laughter. However, when Usopp and Karoo bump into him as they flee from Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine, the mark blurs and the effect wears off.

The Straw Hat Captain is now getting tired of these tricks and tells the Baroque Agent to stop. He then turns back to the candle and wants to destroy the pumpkin head with the candles with a gum-gum bazooka. However, Mr. 3’s partner uses her Colour Trap again. She paints a red sign on the ground. Since red is the color of a target, meaning you attack anything that is red, Luffy’s attack always targets the sign on the ground. No matter what he does, he will always hit the red sign, much like a bull. Nami slowly realizes that Luffy doesn’t seem to stand a chance against his opponent.

Meanwhile, Luffy has already been given a new sign. Mixing yellow, the color for good mood, and blue, the color for sadness, green, the color of peace, is created. So Luffy sits together with Miss Goldenweek on her blanket and eats some cookies, despite the screams of his friends.

Meanwhile, Usopp and Karoo engage in an explosive battle with Mr. 5 and his partner. The two try to shoot each other down, but to no avail. Realizing that he’ll never get a hold of Usopp this way, Mr. 5 grabs a gun. Usopp and Karoo take the chance and run back to Luffy. But when the two arrive at the giant candle and look up at it, they see Zoro, Nami, and Vivi. All three, as well as the giant Brogy, have frozen into wax figures. Usopp and Karoo are visibly shocked.

When the Straw Hats’ gunner then turns around, he sees Luffy, calmly sitting on the blanket with Miss Goldenweek, drinking tea. At the same time, Mr. 5 is also preparing to fire his special pistol, which can shoot six bullets at the same time. Supposedly, it’s impossible to dodge it. Usopp grabs his slingshot and shoots a bullet as well. However, this fireball hits Luffy in the back, causing him to start burning. Shortly after, he himself is hit by Mr. 5’s explosive breath and goes down.

After the explosion, Luffy is back on his feet. His shirt was destroyed by Usopp’s attack and so was the green sign on his back. The Straw Hat Captain is himself again and finally wants to free his friends.

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