One Piece Chapter 123


Usopp is sitting in a rowboat with the number 4, which has the name Usopp. Behind him is a giraffe who is also holding an oar. Usopp turns to her and points his finger at something.


After Luffy, Usopp and Karoo arrive at the other Straw Hats, Luffy is asked by them to tear down the giant candle. Although the Straw Hat Captain still has no idea what that is in front of him at all, he still wants to destroy it.

Shortly after, Nami asks Zoro, who has meanwhile extended his right arm in which he holds his sword, what he wants to do with it. To which the swordsman replies that if he is going to become a candle, he at least wants to have a nice pose. Afterwards, the three of them argue briefly about Zoro’s half-cut legs, which Miss Goldenweek also notices. Turning to Mr. 3, she notes that the three of them wouldn’t worry about it at all. To which the special agent replies that his partner isn’t acting very differently.

While Mr. 3 also wants to turn Luffy into one of his candle figures, Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine, who assure him that they already got rid of the Straw Hat Boy, are supposed to take care of the other two. Hearing this, Usopp and Karoo take cover behind some trees and go to help Luffy from there.

Mr. 3 starts the fight with the Candle Lock, which he had also used to capture Vivi earlier. Everyone is shocked, except Luffy. The latter wraps an arm around one of the wax swords stuck in Brogy’s hands and feet, and uses the Gomu Gomu no Tsuchi, destroying the stake of the Extra Large Candle Service Set. The attack did nothing, however, as the candles are still spinning, spraying their wax.

When Luffy learns that Mr. 3 wants to make candles out of his friends, he is horrified. However, they tell him to stop worrying and just destroy the candles. However, Mr. 3 won’t let that happen, so he attacks the straw hat boy with the wax harpoon, which Luffy narrowly avoided.

Usopp wants to take the chance and attack the wax man from behind, but Mr. 5 catches his explosive bullet with his mouth and just lets it explode inside his body. Usopp and Karoo are visibly shocked by this.

Meanwhile, Luffy launches a new attack, the Gomu Gomu no Bazooka, with which he intends to destroy the pumpkin with the candles. However, the attack is blocked by Mr. 3 with a wall of wax. He then gives Luffy another block of wax, but this time on the arm. The Straw Hat Captain is delighted by this, as he was the first time, as he can now use his gum-gum hammer again. Mr. 3 tries to block the attack with a wall of wax, but Luffy manages to break through the wall and deliver a heavy blow to his opponent.

Now that Mr. 3 seems to be defeated, Nami asks her captain to finally destroy the candles. But he denies the request, much to Nami’s dismay. However, Luffy can’t help it, as Miss Goldenweek uses Colors Trap with the color black.

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