One Piece Chapter 122


Nami is standing on a ship. Behind her is a monkey.


The giant Brogy, lying on the ground, wants to rise once more, but when Mr. 3 notices this, he forms four swords out of wax, which he then rams through both backs of the giant’s hands and feet. The straw hats are horrified and Brogy has to cry out in pain.

Mr. 3 then increases the speed of the Extra Large Candle Service Set, which is immediately noticeable to Nami, Vivi, and Zoro, as the three of them find it much harder to breathe. If this continues, they will quickly become candles.

Meanwhile, the prone Brogy remembers the last 100 years of Brogy and Dorry fighting each other every day. He can’t understand why he couldn’t just let them fight so they would die in battle. When Mr. 3 sees the sad faces of his artwork, he is very pleased.

Zoro notices the crying giant and asks him if he can still use his arms and legs, to which he replies that he will try. Zoro himself plans to cut off both of his legs and then fight the agents along with Brogy. Nami and Vivi are horrified at this plan, since he couldn’t really fight without feet anyway. Zoro only replies that he’ll try anyway, and the giant also joins him.

The Straw Hat Pirate already starts to cut at his legs with his swords, but just before Zoro can really get down to business, Luffy, Usopp and Karoo suddenly come storming out of the forest. Unfortunately, however, the three of them fly past their opponents and back into the forest, but get right back up afterwards. Nami, Zoro, and Vivi are surprised to see the three. They explain to them that they need to take on the Baroque agents immediately, which Luffy was planning to do anyway, as he is angry at them for interfering with the fight between Brogy and Dorry.

First of all, though, Zoro asks him to destroy the giant candle the three of them are standing on, but Mr. 3 won’t let him.

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