One Piece Chapter 121


Zoro is training. Behind him lies a horse in a hammock.


Miss Valentine holds Vivi down while Usopp, Luffy and Karoo lie beaten on the ground. Mr. 5 mocks Luffy, having just taken revenge for Whisky Peak through his booger bomb. He then announces that they also have Zoro and Nami in their power. Luffy, scarred by Mr. 5’s attacks, is not impressed and promises that Zoro will finish them off. Mr. 5 is surprised that Luffy can still talk. Luffy spits on his shoe, to which Mr. 5 snaps and kicks him in the face, his kick is a huge bomb, he wants to kill Luffy. Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine walk away with Vivi in tow.

Brogy can’t move because of Mr. 3’s wax. He taunts the giant and reveals that he only won against Dorry because he interfered. Brogy is shocked. Mr. 3 tells him that they are even still worth 200,000,000 berries. Mr. 5, Miss Valentine and Vivi arrive at their house. Vivi correctly guesses that Mr. 3 put the dynamite in Dorry’s whiskey. Brogy is shocked, after all, he gave Dorry the whiskey. Mr. 3 is upset because Vivi betrayed him.

Mr. 3 orders Mr. 5 to get Zoro and Nami. He then creates an XXL candelabra. Mr. 5 brings the captured straw hats. Nami wants to know where Luffy is, Mr. 5 tells her he finished him off, which of course Zoro doesn’t believe. Mr. 3 puts Zoro, Nami and Vivi in the XXL candelabra. It’s a giant wax figure that slowly melts because of some candles, slowly turning the three of them and Brogy into wax figures.

Nami tries to get Brogy to help them and himself, but Mr. 3 tells her that he just learned that he only won the fight because Dorry was injured. Brogy replies that he knew something was wrong with his giant friend the first time he hit him. Mr. 3 asks him why he kept fighting, to which Brogy replies that a true warrior does not want to be spared. Filled with rage, he manages to break the wax shackles. He wants to take revenge for his friend Dorry. But Mr. 5 takes him out with a booger bomb.

Luffy tells Usopp that they are going to fight, which of course Usopp knows. Karoo starts digging Luffy out so he can fight. The three of them want to save their friends together.

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