One Piece Chapter 120


Luffy is riding a camel, a snake on his head. They are all very thirsty and sweating.


The 100-year battle between the giants Brogy and Dorry seems to be over due to the interference of Mr. 3. Brogy slashes Dorry across the chest with his axe. A huge fountain of blood rises into the sky, Dorry is defeated.

The fountain was also seen by Luffy, Usopp and Vivi. Luffy remembers Dorry’s words to them as he left them. He tries to free himself from the giant boulder Dorry had pinned him with and calls out to the coward who put dynamite in Dorry’s whiskey. Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek hear his cry, but the agent is not worried.

Brogy stands over the defeated Dorry, blood dripping from the ancient axe. Teary-eyed, Brogy rejoices in victory after 73,467 fights, but also mourns the death of his oldest and best friend. He laughs in anguish. Mr. 3 asks him if he’s happy about the win, to which Brogy just says he has no idea. He then asks him who he is. He introduces himself and Miss Goldenweek and announces to Brogy that he is his prisoner. Glancing at his legs, the giant finds that they are bound with wax.

Usopp and Vivi want to set out to avenge Dorry. But they are stopped by Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine. They have defeated Karoo and throw him at their feet, covered in blood. They wanted to use Karoo to trap Vivi on their own, but Karoo refused to scream to lure Vivi in, whereupon they gave him a bad time. Usopp, Luffy and Vivi want to avenge Karoo and the interference of the giant fight, but Luffy is still stuck.

Mr. 5 can easily keep the Usopp rushing at him at bay with his devil fruit. Miss Valentine pounces as a 10 ton weight on the shooter of the Straw Hat Pirates. Vivi is also very quickly defeated by Mr. 5. He wants to take her to the waiting Mr. 3.

Mr. 3 and Miss Goldenweek face Brogy, who is tied to the floor, asking what they want with him. Mr. 3 wants to turn him into a work of art.

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