One Piece Chapter 117


Color Spread. Brogy and Dorry are sitting side by side on the floor in front of a volcano. The Straw Hat Pirates is spread over their bodies.


Grand Line, Holiday Island: Special Agent Mr. 3 of the Baroque Company is vacationing on Holiday Island with his partner Miss Goldenweek and is enjoying green tea. They have received a new assignment, which also informs them that Mr. 5 has been defeated. Mr. 3 calls him a conceited idiot who couldn’t use his devil powers properly. However, against Mr. 3’s brilliant mind, even those are of no use to you. Your mission is to avenge Mr. 5 and keep the boss’s secret.

Grand Line, Little Garden: Brogy and Dorry are fighting each other. They gloat during the fight, which they clearly enjoy. Brogy manages to swing his axe through his opponent’s guard, but the blade bounces off Dorry’s helmet. From a safe distance, Nami and Usopp watch the fight. Now that Brogy is busy, Nami wants to take advantage of the situation to make a run for it. Usopp is fascinated by the giants, who have been fighting for 100 years and have forgotten why. He recognizes true warrior pride in them, which is more important to them than their own lives. They are Usopp’s new role models, he wants to become like them, a brave warrior of the sea and if there is a village with such warriors, he wants to visit it. The fight ends in a 73,466 draw. They both laugh it off and Brogy gives Dorry some of his booze to celebrate.

Back with Luffy and Vivi, Dorry tells them that Nami and Usopp are with Brogy and the booze must be from the Straw Hat Pirates then. Vivi, for her part, asks if the lockport really takes a year to recharge. Dorry shows her the human bones lying around. Most of them died before the Lockport charged, either because they were eaten or had the stupidity to attack the giants. Vivi is desperate, seeing no way to help her country if she has to wait a year for Little Garden. Dorry does think he has an Eternal Port, but it points to Elbaf and is the prize for winning the 100-year battle. Dorry laughingly advises them to just take any course, it may be the right one. Luffy also finds the suggestion more than amusing.

Usopp has told Brogy of his goal to become as brave a warrior as the two giants. Brogy doesn’t really understand him. Giants live three times as long as humans and such a long life can get boring, so they are happy to die in battle.

The liquor in Dorry’s mouth suddenly explodes. Vivi suspects Brogy was behind the attack, but is yelled at by Luffy that the two of them are fair fighters. Dorry gets up injured and asks the two who it could have been besides them, knowing it wasn’t Brogy. Vivi wants to run away, but Luffy throws his straw hat at her because Dorry is faster than her anyway. He wants to fight the giant to get him back down from his rage.

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