One Piece Chapter 116


Koby’s Diary, Part 28: Every day, every day, special training, special training.
It seems Koby and Helmeppo are now treating themselves to their own training program every night, consisting of running and kendo.


Grand Line, Little Garden: Sanji has heard Nami’s screaming and thinks she’s called for him, but he has to deal with a Tyrannosaurus Rex first, which attacks him from behind. Zoro, meanwhile, is faced with a human-sized Triceratops and wonders if it can be eaten.

Little Garden, The Going Merry: The giant introduces himself as Brogy and asks Nami and Usopp if they have any liquor for him. He leans down to the two and suddenly screams out loud. A Tyrannosaurus Rex has bitten him on the butt. He quickly turns around and chops the dinosaur’s head off with an axe. Loudly he exclaims that he is the strongest warrior in Elbaf. He invites the two straw hats to dinner, who simply play dead, fearing they will be the food themselves.

Meanwhile, Luffy stands on the head of the brontosaur and enjoys the view. He doesn’t take Vivi’s warning calls seriously because he thinks the dino is a herbivore. The dino moves its head in a flash, Luffy loses his footing and is swallowed by the dinosaur, which is immediately followed by having its head cut off by another giant. Luffy falls out of the gullet and is caught by the giant, who is happy that something is finally happening on the island. He introduces himself as Dorry, the strongest warrior in Elbaf. He invites Luffy and Vivi to join him.

Nami and Usopp are with Brogy, who is roasting a large piece of meat. They discover human bones and fear they are just being fattened up, only to end up as dessert in Brogy’s belly. Nami dares to ask how long the log port takes to recharge and is shocked to hear it takes a year.

Dorry and Luffy get along splendidly and trade food with each other. Dorry tells them that he is from the village of Elbaf somewhere on the Grand Line. They have simple rules. A god decides their fate. If two quarrel, the god decides who is in the right and that person is given life. He himself started a feud and has been fighting on Little Garden for 100 years now. Since giants live three times as long as humans, it is not such a long time for them. The middle volcano on the island erupts and Dorry stands up. The ritual of the two fighters is to fight when that volcano erupts. Vivi thinks it’s bullshit to fight for 100 years, but Luffy shuts her up because she doesn’t understand any of it. Dorry tells her the fight is their life, they forgot the reason for their feud. Brogy and Dorry meet and their weapons clash with each other.

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