One Piece Chapter 115


Koby’s diary, part 27: Special training during precious sleeping time
Koby and even Helmeppo train at night, because during the day they only come to clean.


Grand Line, The Going Merry: Vivi explains to the Straw Hat Pirates that there won’t be a blizzard as severe as the one at the beginning of the Grand Line because the magnetic currents are strongest at Reverse Mountain. However, they are told to remain vigilant because the sea remains dangerous and a change in the weather could come at any time. Instead of listening to her, however, the gang throws a party. Sanji has made cocktails for everyone. Nami advises Vivi to just relax, when it comes down to it, you can count on the gang. Karoo drinks the most out of everyone. Vivi finally grabs a cocktail too and joins in the celebration. Suddenly a huge dolphin jumps out of the water and threatens to fall onto the The Going Merry. They quickly steer the ship out of the danger zone, obviously pleased with the work.

The next island appears in the distance, the second on the Straw Hat Pirates’s journey. Vivi warns them to be careful, but they need provisions and must go ashore. They cross a river into the interior of the island and wonder about the name of the island, Little Garden, because everything on the island is very large. A sudden noise accompanied by tremors causes the gang to collapse. On the shore, a large injured tiger collapses. Nami and Usopp want to stay on board and wait for the lockport to charge. Luffy is already not listening. With a big grin, he demands Sanji fix him a pirate lunch. Luffy feels a sense of adventure and doesn’t let Nami stop him. Vivi asks if she can come along because she’s very restless and wants to distract herself. She gets a lovelunch from Sanji and Karoo, who is also coming along, gets a drinking barrel around her neck.

After the three of them go exploring, Zoro stretches and wants to get out on the island as well. Sanji gives him the order to get some provisions right away. Zoro promises him to hunt down something neat, since Sanji wouldn’t be able to do it anyway. Furious, he stops him and offers a bet. Whoever kills the bigger animal wins. Only Nami and Usopp are left on the Lamb. Nami remembers reading about Little Garden somewhere and runs into the ship to find the book. Luffy finds an ammonite on the island as he and Vivi freeze. In front of them, the head of a giant prehistoric brontosaur has appeared above the treetops. Vivi thinks they are in prehistoric times. The islands of the Grand Line are all developing differently. Some islands are heavily engineered, while others are thousands of years behind. Meanwhile, Nami has found the book, but before she can tell Usopp her discovery, they both freeze and scream for help. A giant has appeared at the ship. Quote from Brag Men:

To the residents, this island is a little garden. The Island of Giants, Little Garden, I call it.Louis Arnot, explorer

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