One Piece Chapter 114


Koby’s Diary, Part 26: Sailors, Sailors at Naval Headquarters.
Koby and Helmeppo are at naval headquarters, now scrubbing the floors there.


Grand Line, Whisky Peak: Luffy is dragging Sanji and Usopp behind him, both of whom are still asleep and awakened by Luffy’s rude behavior, wondering what this is all about. Zoro has pulled up the anchor of the Going Merry when Luffy arrives with the other two. Nami and Vivi also arrive at the ship, but Vivi is looking for her race duck Karoo, who it turns out is already waiting on the ship. The sails are set and the Straw Hat Pirates leaves Whisky Peak. Vivi figures the company has more than 2,000 agents and several towns nearby, so she can’t estimate how many will come after them.

Through the wreckage of Igaram’s ship, a person swims on a turtle and regrets only catching a double. Meanwhile on the The Going Merry, Usopp and Sanji complain about the abrupt departure and go down when they learn the truth about the inhabitants of Whisky Peak. It’s foggy and the ship is passing through a narrow branch of the river that will allow them to leave the island more quickly. Suddenly, a woman sits in front of the orange orchard and warns the crew about the rocks. She knows Miss Wednesday and sends her nice regards from Mr. 8. Luffy wants to know who she is and Vivi tells them it’s Miss Bloody Sunday, the boss’s partner. Together with Igaram, Vivi has been watching her and got the boss’ secret through her. But in fact, Miss Bloody Sunday has deliberately led them to the Boss and at the same time betrayed them. She finds it amusing that Vivi thinks she can stop the company.

The Straw Hats draw their weapons. Sanji and Usopp aim right for Miss Bloody Sunday’s head, but suddenly fall to the deck. Everyone suspects a devil force, but doesn’t know what. Miss Bloody Sunday warns them to never wave guns in front of her again. Luffy’s straw hat flies into Miss Bloody Sunday’s hand for no apparent reason. Stinking angry, he demands the hat back, but fails to impress her with it. The Straw Hat Pirates picked the wrong enemies, and likewise, it is to be regretted that the next island is Little Garden. They will die there and never reach Arabasta. She tosses Luffy the hat and Vivi an Eternal port pointing to Nada, an island off Arabasta. Not even the agents of the Baroque Company can reach Nada. It would be the fastest way, but before the crew can consider setting a new course, Luffy grabs the Eternal port and destroys it with his fist. Luffy makes it clear that Miss Bloody Sunday doesn’t decide which course they take. Impressed by his steadfastness, Miss Bloody Sunday takes her leave and swims away on Banchi. The Lamb sets course for Little Garden and the first thing the crew wants to do is eat breakfast. Later, Sanji and Usopp have learned all about Vivi and while Sanji promises to carry her to Arabasta on his hands, Usopp shows her Luffy’s wanted poster with the back of his head on it and says there’s 30 million on his head. Luffy wishes it would snow again.

Little Garden: A tiger walks through a jungle. Next to him are the prints of giant feet.

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