One Piece Chapter 113


Koby’s Diary, Part 25: Koby and Helmeppo, Off to Naval Headquarters.
Vice Admiral Garp’s ship takes the two of them to Marine Headquarters.


Grand Line, Whisky Peak, Luffy vs Zoro: With one punch each, Luffy and Zoro have defeated the Baroque Company’s special agents, Mr. 5 and Miss Halloween. Vivi is surprised to find such fighters at the start of the Grand Line. The two Straw Hats are about to continue their fight when they are both punched in the face by Nami. The fight almost cost the princess her life and with it the reward of 1 billion. Nami has to hit the brawlers again because they won’t stop fighting. Luffy is enlightened about the city and finds the whole story funny. He had thought Zoro was freaked out because they didn’t have his favorite food.

Vivi thanks them for their help, but can’t give the gang any money for it. She tells of Arabasta, one of the largest countries in the Grand Line and which has been ravaged by civil war for several years. She heard about the Baroque Company, which is said to have incited the people. To learn more about the company, she had to infiltrate with her bodyguard, Igaram. They have learned that the ideal state is a lie and the boss wants to take over Arabasta. She has to get back quickly to warn everyone. Luffy asks who the boss of the company is. Vivi gets very nervous and refuses to tell them more about him because if she does, he’ll chase her to the ends of the earth. Shortly after, however, she blabs and the boss turns out to be ‘Crocodile’, one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas.

Unfortunately, the unlucky ones also overhear Vivi revealing the secret. Nami is shocked and distraught because she fears being hunted by the boss of the company. She says goodbye because no one knows her face yet, but already waiting is Mr. 13, who very quickly made a face sketch of all four of them. Thus unmasked, Nami heads back. Unlike her, Luffy and Zoro find the news of meeting one of the Seven Samurai exciting and look forward to the adventure. Igaram suddenly appears, disguised as Vivi, which he has not done well. He warns them that Crocodile will begin hunting for them immediately. His former bounty was 80 million. They are to take Vivi to Arabasta while he acts as a double to distract the company. He will sail to Arabasta on an Eternal port that only points the direction to an island, the Straw Hats are to take the normal course. He says his goodbyes and sets off, but before long his ship is destroyed in a large explosion. The four of them freeze. Zoro asks Nami if the lockport is charged, to which she tells him yes. She is told to take care of Vivi while he gets the The Going Merry ready to leave and Luffy gets Usopp and Sanji. Nami takes Vivi in her arms and speaks encouragement to her. She tells her that the four boys saved East Blue on their own, that’s where they’ll save Arabasta.

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