One Piece Chapter 112


Koby’s Journal, Part 24: I Should Take These Two Under My Wing
Vice Admiral Garp decides to take Koby and Helmeppo with him to naval headquarters. They must have made quite an impression on him.


Grand Line, Whisky Peak, Luffy vs Zoro: Zoro wants to know what Luffy is talking about, who accuses him of his ingratitude. Luffy has found the defeated agents who reported to him that Zoro massacred them. Luffy is angry because the residents were so nice to them and Zoro just attacked them. Princess Vivi wonders if Luffy can really be that stupid. Mr. 5 and Miss Halloween are annoyed and just want to get them both out of the way. However, Luffy is already jumping towards Zoro and hits him with his fist, which Zoro just manages to dodge. Luffy smashes the wall of the house and says goodbye to Zoro without letting him get a word in. He kicks at him, but again only hits the wall of the house.

With the two beating the crap out of each other, the agents decide to take care of Vivi when Zoro kicks Luffy away, also hitting Mr. 5 and Miss Halloween with the spherical straw hat. All three are hurled through a wall of a building. Mr. 5 is increasingly annoyed and now wants Luffy out of the way. He pulls up his sleeve and an explosion captures the house. Miss Halloween jumps up. She’s been eating from the poofy fruit and flies towards Zoro, who is warned by Vivi. He pays no further attention to her because he’s busy. Luffy comes out of the destroyed house, he’s skinny again and drags Mr. 5 with him, who he beats up. Zoro wants to explain to Luffy that all the townspeople are bounty hunters and wanted to kill them. Luffy doesn’t believe him, after all, they were partying. Miss Halloween can change her weight between one kilo and ten tons. She falls right into Zoro, who dodges her with one step, pays no further attention to her, and ties his bandana around her. He decides to give Luffy a whupping to get him back down. They both charge off and collide with the gum-gum bazooka and Zoro’s three-sword style demon cut. Now they will find out who is the stronger, but they are both knocked back into the walls of the building from the impact. A fierce exchange of blows ensues. Mr. 5 and Miss Halloween are back on their feet and charging at the two. Zoro and Luffy threateningly warn them to stay out of it. Zoro knocks Mr. 5 and Luffy Miss Halloween through the air for interfering with their fight.

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