One Piece Chapter 110


Koby’s Journal, Part 23: Seconds Before Garp’s Speech
Vice Admiral Garp must be about to give a speech or a telling off. In any case, Koby and Helmeppo kneel before him in awe.


Grand Line, Whisky Peak: Luffy wakes up, wondering why he is lying outside, but continues to sleep because his stomach hurts. Four agents who were not defeated by Zoro try to escape and go into hiding, but are stopped by the unlucky Mr. 13 and Miss Friday. Just as the jinxes are about to punish them, two more show up, introducing themselves as Mister 5 and Miss Halloween. Even the jinxes are shocked by the sight of them.

Meanwhile, Zoro has cleaned up and kicked all the agents off the roof, where he ends up taking a few sips of sake. Mr. 8 picks himself up and is about to finish his mission when Mr. 5 and Miss Halloween appear and call the city’s agents weaklings. Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday have also regained consciousness and ask the two special agents to help them fight Zoro. Mr. 5 snidely declines, as they have another assignment. The boss thinks his secret has been exposed by a royal family that has infiltrated the company. Mr. 8 realizes they know the secret and attacks them with Igarappa after Mr. 5 names Princess Vivi from Arabasta. Zoro watches everything calmly from the roof, but notices Luffy sleeping right between the agents. The bullets explode on impact and Miss Wednesday loudly calls Mr. 8 Igaram, who orders her to run away quickly. But already Miss Halloween jumps on her from above and after a well-aimed kick, rises back into the air like a balloon. Mr. 8 alias Igaram suddenly explodes and goes down unconscious.

Mr. 8 and Miss Wednesday are Igaram, bodyguard, and Princess Nefertari Vivi of Arabasta. Zoro, meanwhile, pulls Luffy away from the action without anyone taking notice of him. Vivi and Igaram are to be killed for knowing the boss’s secret. Using her Kujacky Slasher, she goes to attack Mr. 5, but is stopped by Mr. 9, who considers her friendship more important than the company. With his flic-flac style, he charges at the special agent, who hits him directly with his booger bomb. The force of the blast flings Mr. 9 away. Zoro has also witnessed the attack, but before he can wonder further, Igaram has latched onto his leg and asks for his help. Zoro is told to save the princess, who is fleeing from the two with Karoo. Igaram promises a big reward if the Straw Hats bring the princess back to Arabasta in good health. Suddenly, Nami is there and agrees to Igaram’s request if they get a billion.

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