One Piece Chapter 109


Koby’s Diary, Part 22: We’re Worthless!
Koby and Helmeppo seem to blame themselves most for Morgan’s escape.


Grand Line, Whisky Peak: Zoro faces only Mr. 8, Mr. 9, and Miss Wednesday after defeating the remaining agents of the Baroque Company. Mr. 8 fires an igarappa with his saxophone at Zoro, who manages to dodge. Miss Wednesday calls her race duck Karoo to her, while Mr. 9 attacks Zoro with his flic-flac style, using two baseball bats as weapons. With ease, Zoro deflects the blows and drives Mr. 9 across the roof until he inadvertently jumps over the edge and falls down. Meanwhile, Miss Wednesday is also on the roof, trying to hypnotize Zoro with her Irresistible Dance, and sure enough, he has to kneel down and seems out of his mind. Riding up on Karoo, she tries to saber him with the Kujacky Slasher. But Karoo runs past Zoro on the wrong side, who is annoyed at having to deal with such incompetent idiots.

But already Mr. 8 attacks him again with Igarappa and only by jumping into the hole in the roof he can avoid the attack. He hides in a small alley, but is discovered by Mr. 9, who is able to turn one of his clubs into a lasso and tie it around Zoro’s left arm. Confident of victory, he calls Mr. 8 to give Zoro the coup de grace. Miss Wednesday, meanwhile, has taken the sleeping Luffy from the bar and threatens to stab him if Zoro continues to resist. Mr. 8 takes aim and shoots his Igarappappa at Zoro with cannons that were hidden by his hair. Quick as a flash, the latter reacts by lassoing Mr. 9 into the trajectory of the bullets and, after being hit, throws him at Miss Wednesday. With Luffy out of danger, Zoro leaps onto his stomach, bloated from eating, and catapults himself to Mr. 8, who he takes out with a sword swipe. He is happy to have finally defeated all of his opponents.

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