One Piece Chapter 108


Koby’s Diary, Part 21: …so sorry!
Everyone on board, including Koby and Helmeppo, bow their heads and beg forgiveness for allowing Morgan to escape. After all, Garp himself is not innocent in this.


Grand Line, Whisky Peak: The bounty hunters of the Baroque Company are looking for Zoro. He is hiding behind a wall, relaxed and happy to finally be able to test his new swords. A bounty hunter appears above him and shoots at him. At the last second, Zoro is able to dodge the shot by dropping backwards into the house entrance. He doesn’t have time to get up as more shots are fired by agents standing outside the house. He knocks over a table and uses it as cover. He pulls Yubashili, splits the table, and is suddenly behind his opponents, who didn’t even notice the attack and go down hit. Zoro finds his new weapon nice and light and is happy to have a good sword. He flees from following agents down a flight of stairs to a rooftop, where an opponent with a bazooka is already waiting for him. Again he drops backwards to avoid the shot and is pelted from the opposite side with a heavy barrel from Miss Monday. With quick blows he splits it into four pieces, which take out exactly the four opponents on his roof.

Another agent attacks him with a stone hammer, which he easily cuts with his third generation Kitetsu. Good swords only cut if the owner wants them to, which can be a problem. A young boy tried to attack him with a knife, but gets scared and flees into the arms of a nun begging for mercy. With her cross she sprays a mist powder in a flash, but Zoro is already behind them and knocks her unconscious. He climbs the next ladder, pursued by more agents who think they have him surrounded in victory and climb the ladder as well. At the top, Zoro waits until the first one gets to him, then pushes the ladder away. He jumps onto the top rung and pushes off to the opposite roof, effectively taking out the agents waiting there with the Falcon Wave.

Five agents jump on him from above, but Zoro simply cuts a hole in the roof where they come up, sending them tumbling into the house. At the last second, he notices the sneak attack of Miss Monday, who is about to hit him with a ladder. However, she is able to keep him pinned to the ground, puts on brass knuckles, and punches Zoro’s face with full force. Mr. 8 thinks the matter is over when Zoro lifts Miss Monday up by the face with one hand and squeezes so hard that she is knocked out. Eager to fight, Zoro asks who wants to get beat up next. Mr. 8’s agents are sure that Luffy’s wanted poster must be a misprint and Zoro is wanted for 30 million.

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