One Piece Chapter 1067

Ahh… the Germa 66’s emotion-free sea voyage report, part 24: “What was your name again?! Jajji vs. Caesar!!!”

Jajji Vinsmoke and Caesar Crown clash.


Egghead, inside the New World: Luffy, Chopper, Jinbei and Jewelry Bonney are still on the island’s oversized junkyard and have just met the real Dr. Vegapunk. He seems to look different than Bonney remembers him, so the scientist tells her without further ado that he had to surgically remove his huge brain because it had grown too large due to the abilities of the brain fruit, a Paramecia.

This same devil fruit allows the user to store infinite amounts of knowledge and memories, whereby, however, the own brain continues to grow. That’s why it’s now at the top of his laboratory, where he has access to the stored data through an antenna on his head, as do his six clones. Together, then, they all share the same knowledge, but can complete significantly more work simultaneously.

Vegapunk’s dream, on the other hand, is to one day connect the entire world population in this way, so that everyone has the same, limitless knowledge. Jinbei notes, however, that it would probably come rather to problems to combine dozens of different ideologies with one another. Taking this as an opportunity, Bonney suddenly pulls out the previously found Beam Saber to finally punish Vegapunk for accepting any sacrifice for years to advance his research, including her father Bartholomew Bear. As it turns out, however, the Beam Saber is a defective product that uncontrollably attracts insects, which at that very moment pounce on the “glutton” and eventually cause her to faint.

Vegapunk then goes on to reveal that he can understand their anger, as he has indeed had to put up with a number of failures in the past, such as the unsuccessful artificial devil fruit, which was later to be eaten by Momonosuke.

Then Luffy asks him about the giant robot that is buried here, whereupon Vegapunk explains to him that it was built 900 years ago by a civilization that is no longer known today, but was an ingenious one. Then, 200 years ago, he awoke again, climbed up the Redline and invaded the “Holy Land” Mary Geoise!

Before he could do any major damage, he eventually ran out of energy, but to this day it is unclear where he came from, how he awoke, and what his goal was. Based on this robot, Vegapunk later created his Vegaforce 01, but he could not reconstruct the ancient energy source, which must be unimaginable today. Further Vegapunk claims that it must be fate that the Straw Hat Pirates is now together with Jewelry Bonney on the island, because he has to give her something. But before that, the scientist asks the pirates to get him off the island safely….

Oda’s comments

You can use an audio commentary app and listen to it in any movie theater? Wow. I don’t need the Blu-ray bonuses! (LOL.)

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