One Piece Chapter 1066


Ahh… the emotionless sea voyage report of Germa 66, part 23: “Germa returns with appendix”.

The Vinsmokes, together with Caesar Crown, reach the Kingdom of Germa.


Egghead, in the upper part of Dr. Vegapunk’s island: The Straw Hats have just learned from Shaka that already centuries ago a futuristic civilization existed, like the one Vegapunk has created here! Turning to Nico Robin, he reports now further that nobody less than Professor Clover could reveal exactly this secret, for which he had to pay however together with the entire island of the archaeologists, Ohara, with his life.

After he reveals that the history of this ancient kingdom is about a war with 20 nations, which after their victory founded the current world government and then erased all memories of this past from the textbooks, Robin confirms shocked that her friends from Ohara once actually explored this very Forgotten Kingdom…

Therefore, Shaka further reports that 22 years ago, shortly after the Buster Call of Ohara, he visited the destroyed island to commemorate his friend Shamrock. He discovered that the archaeologists must have used their last seconds to collect all the books from the “Tree of Omniscience” in a large lake in the middle of the island, so that they would not be lost. At the same time, however, some giants of Elban were also on Ohara, taking the books with them one by one.

Observing this, Vegapunk also met Dragon, who was also an acquaintance of the professor. In their conversation, Luffy’s father announced that he wanted to create an army equal to the world government to fight against its crimes. In the meantime, this had become the revolutionaries, but Vegapunk himself had preferred to work for the hated world government instead, in order to be able to use its considerable resources for his research. Before that, however, he had visited the island of Elban, where he met the captain of the giants, who let him read all of Ohara’s books, so that their knowledge could be preserved in his brain. This captain was none other than Jaguar D. Saul!

Back on Egghead, Shaka now wants to show the Straw Hats something else…

Meanwhile, Luffy and Co. are at the oversized junkyard: marveling at the giant robot, the four suddenly meet an old man. This introduces itself to them as the true Dr. Vegapunk…!

Oda’s comment

I bought a new gas barbecue range and am just learning the art of grilling meat with convection heat. I can’t wait to dish it up to everyone!

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