One Piece Chapter 1064

Cover Story

Germa 66’s Ahh… An Emotionless Excursion, Vol. 22: “Blackbeard Pirates, Kuzan and Van Augur”.

Pudding is captured by the Blackbeard Pirates..


Winner Island, inside the New World: The Blackbeard and Heart pirates have just met and started a fight. Trafalgar Law immediately reveals his awakened devil powers to the emperor, who in turn counters with the strength of the Earthquake Fruit. Then Law’s crew goes underwater, as they have an advantage there, while the “Surgeon of Death” gives Blackbeard a painful hit with his attack “Shock Will”. At this moment, the submarine of the Heart pirate gang also starts firing at the ship of the Emperor’s Pirates, which does not escape the attention of the prisoners below deck. One of them is none other than the kidnapped Charlotte Pudding! Meanwhile, Marshall D. Teach on land does not stick back, but instead sets to his technique “black vortex”…

The whole happening is meanwhile intercepted via Den Den Mushi by the navy, whereby it frustrates Grand Admiral Sakazuki in the headquarters that he must wait already again incapable of acting for a gigantic fight to end…

Simultaneously on Egghead Island: Luffy, Chopper, Jinbei and Jewelry Bonney managed to escape the Pacifista’s attack, allowing the Straw Hat captain to make it clear to his new companion that this was not her real father. Then Jinbei tells the story of Bartholomew Kuma, who was overthrown as king of Sorbet because of crimes against the population and then became a pirate and revolutionary. However, after the navy was able to capture him, he agreed to become a samurai of the seas, as well as a research subject for Dr. Vegapunk. Why he would sign such a death warrant, however, is unclear, Bonney adds. A tyrant, as he is called, is he however definitely not…

Meanwhile, the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates: With the help of Punk-02’s giant robot, the pirates have flown up to the sky and now reach the upper level of Egghead, where, according to the scientist, the research takes place, as opposed to the lower level, where the factories are located. Everyone is very fascinated by the futuristic environment, when the view changes to a phone call from Punk-01, who talks about noticing his approaching death. On the other end of the line is Dragon…!


  • For the first time, characters appear simultaneously in both the cover story and the main story, in this case Wan Oger and Charlotte Pudding.

Oda’s comment

I wanted to be like Bayashi TV on YouTube so I bought black disposable gloves. Eating hamburgers with this is great!

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