One Piece Chapter 1063


Ahh… the Germa 66’s emotionless sea voyage report, part 21: “Pudding has been kidnapped!!!”
Charlotte Cracker has also been captured and frozen by the ice. In the background, you can see Brûlée in tears because Pudding has been kidnapped.


New World, Egghead Island: After Luffy, Chopper, and Jewelry Bonney fill their bellies, Punk-05 leaves them again. There, the pirates discover a machine that makes clothes, when all of a sudden a Pacifista appears, apparently serving as a police guard and wanting to punish them for their theft. As he sets to his laser beams, Luffy immediately wants to take him out, but is prevented from doing so by Bonney. The “glutton” then reveals that their aforementioned father is none other than Bartholomew Kuma, who has been turned into a cyborg by the world government. Shocked by this news, the Straw Hats try to make her understand that this is not the real Bear, but when he fires his powerful laser…

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the high seas, the Heart pirate gang has encountered the Blackbeard pirate gang, whereupon a fight has broken out. When some of Trafalgar Law’s crew members suddenly start changing genders, the “Surgeon of Death” decides to surface in his submarine for the time being. There, Marshall D. Teach’s captains are already waiting, first and foremost Doc Q, who has eaten from the “disease fruit”, with the help of which he apparently could create a disease that turns men into women. By means of his Haki, Law successfully counters this power and goes ashore with his gang on a nearby island, when Van Augur also presents his devilish powers, those of the “Warp Fruit”, with the help of which he suddenly teleports Jesus Burgess to the island as well. There Burgess immediately lifts a whole mountain out of the ground, because the powers of the “Strength Fruit” give him superhuman abilities. However, after Law is able to fend off this attack with one of his “rooms” as well, Teach himself finally intervenes, who in turn flies in on Stronger, who has been eating from the cryptid Horse Fruit, model Pegasus. Ultimately, the Emperor proposes to the former Supernovae that the battle for his captured Road-Porn glyph be decided here and now, which Trafalgar smilingly accepts….

Oda’s comment

Kohei Tanaka’s 40th anniversary concert was wonderful! Thank you so much for all the support over the years!
Kohei Tanaka (note: needs link) is a composer and also composes the background music for the One Piece anime together with Shiro Hamaguchi (note: needs link).

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