One Piece Chapter 1061


Ahh… the Germa 66’s emotion-free sea voyage report, Part 19: “Escape! A successful rescue of Niji and Yonji!!!”
Ichiji, Niji, Yonji, and Caesar Clown are able to escape.


On the high seas: The Thousand Sunny is still inside a strong storm near a winter island, where Luffy and Chopper were blown overboard, rescuing Jewelry Bonney, who was floating in the sea. Now, however, a giant shark suddenly appears beneath the ship, causing the Sunny to capsize. While Jinbe sets out to rescue Luffy, Chopper and Bonney, the rest of the crew realizes that the shark is a machine. However, before it can attack again, an equally large robot appears behind it and destroys the vessel with a single blow…

Meanwhile at Naval Base G-14: Captain Tashigi is still taking care of Punk Hazard’s children when Vice Admiral Doll approaches her about trouble with Helmeppo again. Helmeppo, who also turns out to be a member of SWORD, is meanwhile with another member of the secret special unit at Prince Grus’, a high-ranking SWORD officer, apparently to ask him again to travel to Hachinosu to save Koby. However, the latter again denies this, as they still haven’t been able to connect with X. Drake…

Back with Jinbe, Luffy, Chopper and Bonney: The four could save themselves on an island, which Jewelry immediately identifies as Egghead, a country that is supposed to live 500 years in the future. Moreover, it is the base of the world-famous Dr. Vegapunk, with whom she still has to clarify something…

Meanwhile, the giant robot has lifted the Thousand Sunny out of the sea. A young woman emerges from it, and the Straw Hats thank her for her help, but she reveals to the pirates that she works for the world government and that her name is Vegapunk…!

Oda’s comment

The part of the Red movie that is connected to the anime is now available on YouTube. You’ll understand Luffy’s thought processes.
Watch here

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