One Piece Chapter 1060


Color Spread (Front Page Request): “Draw an updated version of the bonus color pages from Volume 8 with all ten members” by Iwasakka. A video of the sketching process has been uploaded to the official Twitter account.


On the high seas, aboard the Thousand Sunny: In addition to their new bounties, the Straw Hats have also just learned from the newspaper that Sabo is supposed to have murdered King Cobra during the Levely. Of course, Luffy can’t believe this and immediately wants to go on a rescue mission of the missing Vivi. Zoro, however, is able to change his mind, saying that, like Ace once did, they should trust her to find her own way, at least until she really needs urgent help. Thus focusing back on their real destination, the island of Laugh Tale, the pirates find that they have no idea where to start looking for the fourth and final Road Porn glyph. That’s when Luffy remembers how he once told Shanks, Ace, and Sabo about his true dream, to which the title of King of the Pirates was merely a means to an end. His crew is shocked by this confession, but attests to their captain that this wish fits him perfectly…

Meanwhile, at Navy HQ and Mary Geoise: Both the Navy and the 5 Wise Men and Im have intercepted a call from Sabo to the revolutionaries. This call is not encrypted and can therefore be easily traced back to the Kingdom of Lulusia. While Sabo reports to his fellow revolutionaries that he did not murder Kobra, but saw something concerning the empty throne in Pangaea Castle, Im decides that Lulusia must never have existed. At that moment, the sky over the island darkens and a massive ball of energy comes crashing down from above, seemingly destroying the entire island…! The connection to Sabo, who couldn’t finish his last sentence, is broken…

Back on the Thousand Sunny: The Straw Hat Pirates is caught in a storm in the climate zone of a winter island when they discover a powerful warm water vortex in front of them, which has probably been created by enormous temperature differences. As they try to get to safety from it, they suddenly spot a person in the water. After Zoro has cut the mass of water with his Yakkōdori attack, Jewelry Bonney, who has shrunk to infancy, suddenly lands on board…

Oda’s comment

I attended the live show of GReeeeN! They did such a wonderful job of staging my drawing that I was touched. They have so many good songs!

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