One Piece Chapter 106


Koby’s Journal, Part 20: Helmeppo’s Return
On Vice Admiral Garp’s ship, Helmeppo is brought back aboard.


Grand Line, The Going Merry: The Straw Hat Pirates has set a course for Whisky Peak. The weather is extremely changeable and at the moment it is snowing. Luffy takes the opportunity to build a snowman, Mr. Snowman. Usopp laughs at the childish snowman and presents his Snow Queen, which Luffy immediately destroys with a Snowmanpunch. Usopp kicks Snowman’s head to break it in revenge. Meanwhile, Sanji shovels snow off the deck and Nami shoos Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday onto the deck to help Sanji. Nami is worried about the rapid change in weather. Miss Wednesday advises her to take better care of the course. When Nami looks at the log port, she finds that they are heading in the wrong direction. Immediately she gives orders to turn 180° because the ship has turned itself. Miss Wednesday taunts her about being totally incompetent. If you want to survive on the Grand Line, you have to rely completely on the log port. Nami silences her by herding the two passengers outside to be of assistance. The crew has their hands full trying to stay on course. Heavy seas and a sudden iceberg, as well as strong winds, keep the crew from calming down. In addition, there are leaks in the bilge and torn sails.

Finally the weather has calmed down and with a slight cloud cover Zoro wakes up, having slept through the journey so far. The rest of the crew rests, exhausted. Zoro sees the two guests and Luffy tells him that they are taking them to their island. He asks for their names, which look familiar. Before he can remember, however, he is beaten by Nami, who wants to know where he was during the storm. She loudly explains to the whole gang that their navigational skills are useless on the Grand Line and they all need to work together. In the fog ahead of them, the outline of an island appears to be made of giant cacti. Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday climb onto the railing and say goodbye. They jump into the water and swim to the island. Without paying any further attention to them, the Straw Hat Pirates heads up a river. They have to stay on the island for some time because the log port has to realign itself to the next island. This can take different amounts of time for each island.

A crowd of people appears on the riverbank and warmly welcomes the pirates to the Grand Line. Though the gang is a bit taken aback by the reception, they quickly join in the celebration with the residents. Heiser, mayor of Whisky Peak, introduces himself to them. The island is famous for its parties and its whiskey, whose supply is said to be larger than the sea. Only Nami and Zoro are skeptical about the exuberant reception. Luffy, Sanji and Usopp don’t take much notice and go along with the villagers. The sun sets and on a rock on the island, Mr. 13 and Miss Friday watch the town.

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