One Piece Chapter 1058


Ahh… the Germa 66’s emotionless sea voyage report, part 17: “Take me with you, please!!!! Take me out of here!!!”
Caesar Clown tearfully begs the Vinsmokes to take him with them on their escape.


In the waters near Wano Countrys: The Thousand Sunny has survived her jump from the waterfall without major damage, as the Straw Hats learn from the daily newspaper the new bounties of the remaining crew: 1000 on Chopper, 366.000,000 on Nami, 383,000,000 on Brook, 394,000,000 on Franky, 500,000,000 on Usopp, 930,000,000 on Nico Robin, 1,032,000,000 on Sanji, 1,100,000,000 on Jinbe, and 1,111,000,000 on Zoro!

Meanwhile, on the island of Karai Bari, the base of the newly formed Cross Guild: The new Emperor Buggy is at this moment being put through the wringer by Crocodile and Hawkeye, as they had not planned on being portrayed as his underlings. Instead, they teamed up moments before to stand up to the Navy, which was now hunting down the deposed Samurai of the Seas, when they happened to attack the very Navy ships that had positioned themselves in front of Buggy’s hideout. This in turn was used by the followers of the “100 Coin Clown” to distribute leaflets postulating the Cross Guild founded by their leader. Rather than kill Buggy, however, Crocodile and Mihawk ultimately decide to simply let him be the primary target for the Guild’s actions.

Meanwhile, back at Marine HQ, under Brannews’ direction, the new bounties for the Cross Guild, deemed most dangerous, are set: 1,965,000,000 on Crocodile, 3,590,000,000 on Hawkeye, and 3,189,000,000 on Buggy!

At the same time in the kingdom of Kamabakka on the island of Momoiro: The leading members of the revolutionaries have gathered after the successful rescue of Bartholomew Kuma from Mary Geoise to talk about the current events surrounding Sabo. While they are all glad that Sabo is still alive, Dragon makes it clear that he will never forgive him if it is true that he murdered King Cobra! With these words, he turns to the bear, who is also present, to find out what he actually saw, when suddenly the Den-den Mushi rings. When Koala picks up the phone, Sabo answers on the other end….


  • The print edition of Jump incorrectly stated an incorrect bounty on Zoro’s head. On the official Twitter account, the bounty has been revised with a new one: Zoro’s correct bounty is 1,111,000,000 berry and not 1,100,001,100 berry as stated in Jump. In the correct total, the number sequence 1111 is found, which probably alludes to Zoro’s birthday, 11/11. In the English and French translation on the official platform MANGA Plus you can already read the correct sum.

Oda’s comment

My 77 year old father messaged me on Line (software) and said “I cried watching Film Red”. I underestimated you! You understood him! Thank you!

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