One Piece Chapter 1057


Ahh… the Germa 66’s emotionless sea voyage report, Part 16: “Caesar’s poison gas attack”.
Caesar Clown intervenes in the battle with his poison gas.


Wano Country: In the midst of the flower capital, a play is read that tells of how the blue dragon Kaidou and his beasts met the followers of the true royal house….

Meanwhile in the forest: Yamato, Kinemon and Momonosuke are on their way to the harbor. Especially the latter two want to confront Luffy and co. in the process, since they didn’t say goodbye. Yamato takes this opportunity to reveal that she won’t be going to sea until later, as Oden had also traveled through the land of the samurai first. Arriving at the Thousand Sunny, Momonosuke immediately pounces on the Straw Hat captain, but has to start crying shortly after, saying that he is so grateful that the Straw Hats helped him regain the freedom of his homeland. Just then, Luffy calls for the gift he had prepared, as a flag of the Straw Hat Pirates is thrown to the samurai. With this, they had waited all this time at the docks for a send-off, announcing that from now on, the Shogun could show this flag to any attacker so that his enemies would know what territory they were in. With these words, all three ships finally set sail, but after a provocation from Eustass Kid, they ultimately decide not to take the safe harbor route, but instead simply jump down from the waterfall…

Back in the capital, the storyteller continues to postulate the events of how the recruited outlaws overran even the mighty Kaidou and Big Mom, and finally how the false Shogun Kurozumi Orochi could be wiped out by Princess Hiyori. With that, 20 years of agonizing darkness would finally be over, with the sacrifices of that battle never forgotten. The story about the return of the Nine Red Sword Sheaths ended for the time being, but surely there would be a reunion one day…

End of Act Three.

Oda’s comment

I gave my coworkers the starter decks of the One Piece Card Game, which they played for about ten hours. Is it that much fun?! I’m going to try it out!

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