One Piece Chapter 1056


Ahh… the Germa 66’s emotionless sea voyage report, part 15: “Katakuri and Oven show up”.
Katakuri and Oven get in the way of the Vinsmoke scions and attack them.


Wano Country, the Flower Capital: Raizo and Shinobu have been robbed of almost all of their powers by Aramaki. While they are recovering, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi have summoned Carrot to join them. They now reveal to the Rabbit Mink that they have decided to remain in the land of the samurai as Akazaya, leaving the rule of Zou to her instead. The Musketeers, as well as Wanda, support this decision….

Meanwhile at the castle, Tenguyama Hitetsu has just revealed himself to Momonosuke and Hiyori as their grandfather Kozuki Sukiyaki. However, after telling them and the Straw Hat Pirates about Pluton, he asks to be allowed to spend the rest of his life unrecognized as part of the people…

The Straw Hats then talk store about why Oden might want to unleash the Ancient Weapon, but Luffy decides not to claim it for himself. All of this is secretly overheard by Caribou, who thinks he knows someone who would definitely like to hear about it….

A few days later, Momonosuke and Kinemon are startled to discover that Luffy and company seem to have departed without further word. In fact, the Straw Hat Captain is at the port, where he decides with Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid to take different routes, since their alliance ended here. It is then that the Kid addresses that what angers him most is that this buggy has become one of the new emperors just because he, along with the former Samurai of the Seas Crocodile and Hawkeye, founded the so-called “Cross Guild”. Horrified by this news, the Straw Hat Pirates have it explained to them that this same guild is offering bounties on the heads of high-ranking marines, making the hunters the hunted. At the same time, Law hands a copy of the Road Porn glyph to Killer so that all three gangs have the same standing regarding the One Piece. That’s when the Vice of the Kid Pirates mentions that they should probably ask out the “Marked by the Flames” now. Luffy, however, doesn’t understand this designation….

Meanwhile, on the roof of the castle: Yamato looks off into the distance and tells Momonosuke and Kinemon that she’ll be heading off to join Luffy and the others as well, since it’s finally time to live like Oden…

Oda’s comment

To play with the Bikkurapon toy at Kura Sushi, I ate about 40 plates. So much fun! And painful.
Kura Sushi (note: needs link)is a Japanese sushi restaurant chain. Bikkurapon is a slot game at Kura Sushi where you can win small toys. After five plates, you get a free chance.

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