One Piece Chapter 1055


Color Spread for the new movie One Piece Film Red with Luffy, Shanks and Uta.


Wano Country, at the gates of the flower capital: The Akazaya as well as Yamato and Momonosuke are still fighting against Admiral Aramaki, the latter still demanding that Kaidou’s daughter not interfere. Meanwhile, the samurai don’t seem to stand a chance against Aramaki’s forces…

At the same time under the castle: Kozuki Sukiyaki leads at this moment Nico Robin and Trafalgar Law deep into the catacombs under the city, where the Road-Poneglyph is supposed to be. In doing so, the two pirates realize that entire cities are hidden beneath the sea level. To this end, Sukiyaki reports that 800 years ago, ancient Wano Country was at sea level. One day, however, the walls were built, which are now known as the huge waterfalls in front of the samurai’s land, causing rainwater to collect inside and make the old cities disappear. Eventually, at the height of the new water level, the earth of the mountain was used to build new settlements. Finally actually arriving at the red Poneglyph, Sukiyaki also reveals that even deeper, underwater, the Ancient Weapon Pluton is supposed to be located, but he himself has never seen it! Therefore, opening the borders would mean destroying the protective waterfalls and exposing the Ancient Weapon. The fact that Oden still wanted to do this could only be explained by something that he had learned during his travels…

Back at the fight: Aramaki says that while Kaidou’s reign was terrible, it protected the land from anyone who could have targeted it and its treasures, so now he has to get Luffy’s head. By now he has all the Akazaya firmly in his grasp, which is why Yamato speaks up again, but Momonosuke calls out to her that the samurai must finally achieve that their land is only safe with them not wanting to travel on like Yamato or the Straw Hats. In his desperation, because of the sheer superior opponent, the dragon suddenly manages to finally control his Boro Breath, which hits the admiral painfully. Followed by further attacks, which burn the plants of Aramaki again and again, the admiral now wants to give even more, when suddenly a strange King Shaki freezes him. He quickly realizes, however, that it is none other than Emperor Shanks, who has intervened from his ship off the coast! He is incensed that the navy seems so afraid of the dawning of a new era that they are now attacking such exhausted pirates who have just made history. Faced with this enemy, Aramaki retreats for the time being…

It then becomes apparent that from the city walls, Luffy, Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe have also witnessed the action, but decided not to intervene in order to let Momonosuke have his way. Sensing the Haki that had just appeared, Luffy laughingly recalls an old confidant at this….


  • The chapter is named exactly like the theme song to One Piece movie Red.

Oda’s comment

Gosho Aoyama-san is a funny person who is like an older brother. I’m glad to have a friend who went through similar things as me.
Oda is referring to the “OVER 100 Miracle Talk” interview between him and Detective Conan mangaka Gosho Aoyama. They both passed the 100 manga volume mark last year.

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