One Piece Chapter 1054


Color Spread of the current Four Emperors: Luffy, Shanks, Marshall D. Teach, and Buggy.


Wano Country: At the gates of the flower capital, Aramaki was confronted by the five still uninjured Akazaya, as well as Shinobu, who want to prevent the navy from ruining the people’s long-awaited liberation. However, as the admiral reveals, he possesses the powers of a logia fruit, the forest fruit, which allows him to create and control plants, which in turn makes him seem superior to even the enormously strong samurai. That’s also when Yamato and Momonosuke join in, with Kaidou’s daughter immediately landing a hard blow by means of her haki. Momonosuke, on the other hand, is still not in complete control of his dragon form, which is why he is quickly put through the wringer by Aramaki. Nevertheless, the Kozuki heir wants to fight the battle alone…

Meanwhile, off the coast: The Redshirt Pirates sails the waters around Wano Country, with the members looking forward to a reunion with the now world-renowned Luffy. Shanks, on the other hand, has other plans, as recently some of his territories have been attacked as well. Remembering how he once stole the Gomu Gomu no Fruit from the Cipher Pol, he asks his vice Benn Beckman if it’s about time he got the One Piece…!

Simultaneously at the Navy Headquarters: Grand Admiral Sakazuki as well as Admiral Kizaru sit together with Tensei, the director of the Naval Investigation Bureau, to talk about the latest incidents. For example, during the Levely, the leaders of the revolutionaries attacked the Holy Land, and in the process, managed to rescue their enslaved comrade-in-arms, Bartholomew Kuma. Furthermore, in the process, King Cobra of Arabasta was killed and Princess Vivi was kidnapped! Sabo is now revered as a hero in several kingdoms as the “Fire Emperor”, leading to rebellions against the world government. The growing influence of his legend in this chaotic time of the pirate era Sakazuki wants to fight from now on by opening fire on all fronts…


  • Sabo’s new epithet is named after Portgas D. Ace’s attack of the same name.

Oda’s comment

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a manga revolution!!! Fans will still have fun with the world Takahashi-sensei created. Rest in Peace.
Oda refers to Kazuki Takahashi, the mangaka of the world-renowned manga series Yu-Gi-Oh!All the mangaka in this Jump issue make reference to Takahashi’s sudden death in their comments.

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