One Piece Chapter 1053


Color Spread of Luffy, Nami, Usopp and Chopper along with Lim and Adio Suerte as well as some monsters from the new video game One Piece Odyssey. A time-lapse video of the production process was posted on the official Twitter channel.


Mary Geoise: The Five Elders have just received the current day’s newspaper, which includes the latest bounties. In doing so, they are extremely incensed at which picture of Luffy was used and that his D. was not removed. However, the whole thing is irreversible, as Morgans has decided to spread the truth instead of the propaganda of the world government…

Meanwhile at the harbour of Wano Country: Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid also have the new wanted posters in front of them, which offer 3 billion Berry for themselves and Luffy! But since the newspaper contains another important piece of information, the Kid immediately rushes towards the flower capital…

There, in turn, the Straw Hats and everyone else are already celebrating wildly, only Nico Robin is in a cellar of the castle, where she meets Tenguyama Hitetsu. As he now presents to her, he is in fact Kozuki Sukiyaki, as he was once imprisoned here by Kurozumi Orochi and could only escape when his son was already dead and Wano Country had been plunged into disaster. Now, he said, he never wanted to reveal himself again out of shame for his failure. He is then interrupted by Robin, who reports that she read on the Poneglyph of Arabasta that the Ancient Weapon Pluton is in Wano Country. This is affirmed by Sukiyaki…!

Simultaneously in Udon: Admiral Aramaki aka Aramaki has finally landed on the island, where by means of an unknown power he easily sucks all the powers from the guards of the prison mine, as well as even King and Queen. To please Grand Admiral Sakazuki, he plans to take on Luffy next….

The latter is still in the midst of the festivities when Kid joins and presents him with the newspaper. To everyone’s shock, the paper additionally spreads the names of the current Four Emperors: “Red Hair” Shanks, “Blackbeard” Marshall D. Teach as well as “Straw Hat” Monkey D. Luffy and furthermore “1000 Coin Clown” Buggy…!!!!

Oda’s comment

I’m taking a break!! Meanwhile, there will be a special in the Jump. Please enjoy Uta Nikki and the music video.
Oda took a break from Jump for a total of four weeks after this chapter to work on some projects to celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of the manga. These include a trip to the set of Netflix’s live-action adaptation to South Africa, One Piece Film Red, collaborations, and events. He also needs time to prepare for the final saga. He plans to finish the manga as soon as possible. As a stopgap, a section called “Road to Laugh Tale” will appear in Jump, which will feature Oda’s sketches and discarded ideas.
Uta Nikki (ウタ日記 ~ “Uta Diary”) is a YouTube short series in the form of a vlog featuring Uta from One Piece Film Red, see here

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