One Piece Chapter 1052


Ahh… the Germa 66’s emotionless sea voyage report, part 14: “The scientist’s escape has failed”.
Caesar Clown watches the Vinsmokes escape and is noticed by Reiju.


Mary Geoise: The information that two emperors have fallen has just reached the Five Elders, as well as that the borders of Wano Country remain closed for security reasons. Shocked that, contrary to their expectations, the land of the samurai remains an impregnable fortress, they immediately contact the CP0 in order to at least get hold of Nico Robin as planned. While they are talking to the agent, however, an unknown person suddenly intervenes in the conversation, who reports that he is already on his way…

Meanwhile, in the remains of Onigashima, the severely wounded Basil Hawkins has gone to see the equally battered X. Drake to reveal to him that he had joined Kaidou at the time to prevent his own death. Yet, the person Hawkins spoke of earlier during the battle, who he said only had a 1% chance of survival, was Hawkins himself. As a result, he faints.

At the same time in the Flower Capital: the new Shogun Momonosuke has decided that there will be another festival to celebrate the new age. In the process, the truth about Kozuki Oden, Hiyori, Kawamatsu, Denjiro, and all the other heroes spreads throughout the land. Furthermore, while the impoverished people are finally being provided with enough food and water, the Kappa and Kinemon have met at Ringo’s shrine. There they decide to build a tomb, not only for Oden, but also for the fallen Ashura Doji and Izou…!

Elsewhere, Yamato and Momonosuke. The two have just been happily informed by Hiyori that Luffy and Zoro have finally woken up after seven days. As they happily join their comrades-in-arms, the two are already eating and drinking heavily, including the recovered Kikunojo…

At the harbor, Franky and Usopp have been making the Thousand Sunny and the ships of the Heart and Kid pirate gangs seaworthy again when they speak up: As they surmise, what has happened will lead to reactions in the world, which could make them popular targets. This is affirmed by the surprisingly appearing Scratchmen Apoo, as he presents the pirates with the daily newspaper, in it the updated bounties as well as the names of those appointed as the new Emperors of the Seas…!

Outside Wano Country: A man in a navy uniform has just flown over the border, connected via Den-den Mushi to Grand Admiral Sakazuki. He orders his admiral Aramaki not to cause any unnecessary trouble…!

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Rice paper is fun! Wrap up a lettuce from the Convenience store and you already have an egg roll! I wrap all kinds of things!

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