One Piece Chapter 1050


Ahh… the Germa 66’s emotionless sea voyage report, part 12: “Ichiji and Reiju show up”.
Ichiji and Reiju show up at the lab and fight Big Mom’s kids to free their brothers Niji and Yonji.


Wano Country: After Luffy’s final blow, Kaidou, like Charlotte Linlin before him, is driven further and further into the ground. Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Captain himself falls unconscious to the ground, where he is caught by Yamato.

Meanwhile, the festival in the flower capital comes to an end, with Hitetsu taking the moment to recap Tonoyasu’s sacrifice, which first ensured that the residents didn’t lose their hope….

Meanwhile, in the ruins of Onigashima, Luffy’s allies proclaim the Alliance’s victory over two emperors, whereupon Chopper and Miyagi plan to begin treating the severely wounded Kinemon, Kikunojo, and Zoro. Momonosuke, on the other hand, turns to Zunesha and decides not to open the country’s borders just yet. At that moment, the remaining Beasts Pirates Pirates reveal that they won’t give up the battle even without their captain, but are immediately put in their place by Yamato, who announces that Kozuki Oden’s heir is now the new leader, and that everyone present only escaped with their lives because of the Straw Hat Pirates…

Then an earthquake shakes the action after Big Mom and Kaidou land in an underground volcano. Due to this, the volcano finally erupts in a massive explosion, which Momonosuke takes as an opportunity to now officially present Kaidou’s defeat. So he goes to the capital, where he transforms back into his human form in front of the assembled people. With him are the remaining five Akazaya as well as Hiyori, with Denjiro taking the floor to introduce the new Shogun of Wano Country to the people before telling them the whole story…!

Oda’s comment

From “Tomorrow Never Knows” to “Fanfare” I get really emotional. Congratulations on 30 years of Mr. Children!
Mr. Childrenis a Japanese rock band that also contributed the theme song called “Fanfare” to the movie One Piece – Strong World. See also previous comments, for example chapter 921, chapter 926 or chapter 1030.

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