One Piece Chapter 105


Koby’s Diary, Part 19: Morgan Alone at Sea
The fugitive Morgan is now alone on the lifeboat. Apparently he has thrown Helmeppo off the boat because he no longer needs him.


Grand Line, Reverse Mountain: Luffy has drawn a large symbol of the Straw Hat Pirates all over the front of Laboon’s head. Until Luffy returns, Laboon must not ram his head against the redline again or the mark will be obliterated. Meanwhile, Sanji prepares the elephant tuna, Usopp fixes the pole Luffy broke, and Nami ponders how they should proceed. She suddenly screams loudly and shows the others the compass, which is spinning wildly. Crocus enlightens them that the compass isn’t broken. The islands of the Grand Line contain many minerals that cause magnetic interference. You also can’t rely on wind and weather. To navigate the Grand Line, you need a log port, a magnetic current compass. Luffy pulls out the strange compass he found on the The Going Merry, which turns out to be a log port. Crocus explains that the islands affect the log port and the needle follows the magnetic currents, which then indicates the course to the next island. From Twin Cape, there are seven magnetic currents that all converge at some point. They all lead to one island, Laugh Tale, the last island on the Grand Line. Only the pirate king has seen it yet. Everyone is already excited to see what the journey will bring. While Crocus was explaining everything to them, Luffy ate all the elephant tuna. Sanji gets angry because he wanted to show Nami his cooking skills with the fish and kicks Luffy away. The latter flies over Nami’s arm, to which the log port is attached, and destroys it. Enraged at their stupidity, she kicks them into the sea.

However, Crocus gives them his own log port as thanks for Laboon. Unnoticed, Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday are back and watching the Straw Hats. Mr. 9 has lost the log-port on the The Going Merry and through a telescope they see that Nami now has it. They decide to get the log port back and are in a hurry because they have to report to their boss. They hear an unusual noise and see the unlucky birds, Mr. 13 and Miss Friday, flying in from above. They try to explain that they wanted to report to the boss and didn’t commit treason, but Mr. 13 is already throwing a package at them, which detonates in a big explosion.

Luffy, Sanji, Mr. 9 and Miss Wednesday all show up at the same spot on the coast. Before the assembled Straw Hats, the two strangers get down on their knees and ask to be taken to Whisky Peak. They apologize for not being able to tell them anything about their identities and motivations, but their company forbids it. Luffy doesn’t mind taking them, and Nami adjusts the log port on Whisky Peak. Crocus warns them that once they make up their minds, they won’t be able to decide their own route. Luffy takes it in stride, saying they’ll just take another turn if the route isn’t good. The Straw Hat Pirates says goodbye to Crocus and thanks him for his help. They also say goodbye to Laboon. Crocus looks after the departing ship. Crocus thinks that maybe these are the pirates they have been waiting for. He thinks Luffy has a funny look about him and asks for approval from an absent Roger.

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