One Piece Chapter 1049


Ahh… the Germa 66’s emotionless sea voyage report, part 11: “How?! The book in the lab bursts into flames, freeing the brothers!!!”
Under the surprised eyes of the Charlotte children, Charlotte Mont d’Or’s book prison suddenly catches fire, freeing Niji and Yonji.


The Sky Over Onigashima: Luffy and Kaidou’s final attacks have collided, causing a massive explosion of their Hakis. Although the Emperor is still sure of his victory, he suddenly remembers his past…

49 Years Ago: Ten-year-old Kaidou is handed over by his home kingdom as tribute to the World Government, as they wish to incorporate the superhumanly strong child into the Navy. However, he manages to escape with ease, earning a bounty of 70,000,000 berry at such a young age….

At 15, he is already feared as such a strong fighter that the infamous Rocks D. Xebec signs him up for his gang. After six years at sea with the greats of this crew, the gang is broken up by the Navy on God Valley….

As a result, Kaidou founds his own gang and, a good 10 years later, has already occupied Wano Country in order to trade weapons from there. Thus he wants to create a world in which anarchy reigns instead of status, so that only the strongest survive. At the beginning of this project he talks to the still young King about the legendary name Joy Boy and that he knows who this man is…

Back in the present, the masses of water from Zou summoned by Raizo and directed by Jinbe cause the weakened, as well as distracted Kaidou’s clouds of flame to be extinguished, resulting in Onigashima’s incipient fall. That’s when Momonosuke finally manages to create his own clouds, slowing the fall.

Meanwhile, the impact of Luffy and Kaidou continues as the Emperor asks the Straw Hat Captain what world he wants to create instead. The latter yells out to him that it should be a world where no one has to go hungry. Spurred on by this, his power finally breaks through Kaidou’s resistance, driving the dragon devastatingly into the ground! As he does so, he remembers that he revealed to King at the time that Joy Boy would be the one to defeat him someday….

While Kaidou seems to be finally defeated, Momonosuke crash lands just outside the flower capital, along with the flying island, but in approximate control. At the same time, Luffy crashes to the ground, completely debilitated, burned and apparently unconscious…

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Smoked chicken salad is delicious! Supposedly it helps with weight loss, so I eat a lot of it!

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