One Piece Chapter 1048


Ahh… the Germa 66’s emotionless sea voyage report, part 10: “I think the Germa has entered Chocolat Town”.
Charlotte Brûlée tells her brother Charlotte Cracker that Ichiji Vinsmoke and Reiju Vinsmoke have entered Chocolat Town.


The Sky Over Onigashima: Luffy has grown his haki-enhanced fist to the size of the entire island in order to finally defeat Kaidou with it. In light of this, the Emperor reveals his technique “Kaen Daiko”, which covers his dragon body with a dragon-shaped shell of extremely hot flames. In turn, he wants to prevent Luffy from reaching him in the first place, but the latter remembers Hyogoro’s lessons on how to strike using his haki without actually having to touch his enemy…

20 Years Ago: After Oden is killed and his entourage had to flee to protect Momonosuke, Toki’s body is found, officially declaring the Kozuki clan destroyed. However, the lords of the other provinces refuse to recognize the new Shogun Orochi, for which they end up in the weapons factories to work until their deaths, as do all the other strong fighters in the country. Over the years, drinking water becomes more and more scarce and food also becomes nearly unobtainable, leading the residents of Ebisu to eat the failed Smiles. Despite their immense suffering now doomed to eternal laughter, however, they never lose faith in Toki’s final words and thus the prophecy of salvation by their eagerly awaited heroes….

Back in the present, the flaming Kurozumi Orochi is still not dead and now at least wants to take Hiyori with him, when suddenly Denjiro appears and cuts off the Zoan user’s head again…

Meanwhile, more and more lanterns rise from the flower capital, where the festivities are coming to an end, all carrying with them the desire to overthrow Orochi….

Back at Luffy and Kaidou’s place: The rubber boy lowers his mighty “Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun”, to which Kaidou responds with his “Shoryu: Kaen Hakke” attack, a powerful thrust of his body now enveloped in fire. Under an enormous explosion, both forces finally collide…

Oda’s comment

Right now I’m addicted to konnyaku yam cakes! They are great in cold noodle dishes and udon. Miso dengaku is the best.
Konnyaku is made from konjac root, also called Konjac. Miso dengaku is a dish where various ingredients, including konnyaku, can be glazed with Miso.

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