One Piece Chapter 1047


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates being on the beach with Momonosuke. A video of Oda’s sketching process was shared on the official Twitter account.


Onigashima: As Kaidou seems to grow weaker and weaker, the flying island is about to crash into the flower capital. Remembering his mother’s bravery, as well as the unbroken fighting spirit of Kinemon and all the other samurai, Momonosuke is therefore still desperately trying to create his own clouds of flame, which he has so far failed to do…

Meanwhile, the battle between Luffy and Kaidou continues on the roof of the castle, with the rubber boy revealing that he can grab lightning in his Gear 5 mode, which he immediately hurls at his opponent. The Emperor, however, is still able to dodge and instead keeps delivering more devastating clubbing blows to Luffy. Then the straw hat suddenly catapults into the storm clouds above the island, whereupon Kaidou once again transforms into his dragon form…

Onigashima is now just before the celebrating inhabitants of Wano Country, which is why Hyogoro takes the floor again inside the castle and swears all his comrades-in-arms that it’s the better option to fall to their deaths with the island after Kaidou’s defeat, instead of being enslaved or killed by the very same emperor after his victory, since at least the families of the land will be free again that way!

Then Luffy shouts in the direction of Momonosuke, who looks up in horror: Above him, Luffy has enlarged his fist to the dimensions of all of Onigashima, with which he now intends to end the battle once and for all! However, the island itself is in the way…!

Oda’s comment

Drawing a lot of Fujiko Fujio A-sensei’s characters made me aspire to become a mangaka. Rest in peace from the bottom of my heart.
Oda refers to mangaka Motoo Abiko, who published his works under the pseudonym Fujiko Fujio A (藤子不二雄Ⓐ) and passed away on April 07, 2022. He became internationally known along with Hiroshi Fujimoto, with whom he created the manga Doraemon. Together they published their works under the pseudonym Fujiko Fujio.

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