One Piece Chapter 1045


Color spread celebrating the upcoming 25th anniversary: the Straw Hat Pirates rides in a truck that reads “Liberty of Sea”. The sketch was shared on the official Twitter channel.


Onigashima: After Luffy has awakened his devil powers, he and Kaidou restart their fight on the roof of the castle. So the dragon grabs the rubber boy again with his mouth, but he simply jumps into his stomach and uses his gum-gum balloon there. Since he now has the power to turn his surroundings as well as other living creatures into rubber and thus manipulate them, this also gives Kaidou stretching abilities and inflates him to oversize. Eventually, Luffy pops back out through the Emperor’s eyes and subsequently transforms into a giant version of himself. As such, he grabs his opponent and plays with him in the form of his “gum-gum jump rope” technique. Annoyed by Luffy’s silliness, Kaidou goes for his “Boro Breath”, which hits the Straw Hat Captain unhindered, after which he simply shakes all the burns off himself and continues to attack. Luffy’s next attack, however, is interrupted by Kaidou’s “Kosanze Ragnaraku”, which hurls the Straw Hat through the roof and into the main hall, but from there he pulls himself right back up again. There the enormous energy consumption of his Gear 5 is revealed to him, which is why he has to change back. Kaidou also seems to be near the end of his powers, but he’s sure that no one will ever be able to defeat him and that Luffy will die of exhaustion soon. But not at all scared by this, he simply starts his transformation again to finish the duel with his last powers. And indeed, he simply takes more of Kaidou’s clubbing blows, turning himself and his surroundings into rubber, whereupon he goes wildly into the air, whirling his arms. While Kaidou ponders how it could be that his opponent is still fighting so agilely and freely – almost playfully – despite his condition, a mighty punch from Luffy catches him square in the face. The captain of the straw hats is still laughing at the emperor who falls to the ground…

Oda’s comment

The latest issue of One Piece magazine introduces the guys. Thanks again to Boichi-sensei. This is true art!
In the One Piece magazine Vol.14 is one of Boichi The game also includes a chapter that retells the fight between Nami and Kalifa.

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