One Piece Chapter 1043


Ahh… the Germa 66’s emotionless sea voyage report, part 7: “Arrival on Whole Cake Island”.
Oven, with Brûlée’s help, has reached Whole Cake Island.


Onigashima, on the roof of Kaidou’s castle: After being distracted by CP0 in an attempt at a final attack against the Emperor, Luffy is now hit by a devastating clubbing blow from Kaidou, which devastatingly rams the Straw Hat Captain to the ground. As a result, all of his haki escapes from the rubber boy, leaving him seemingly defeated. Because of the interference in his fight by the Cipher Pol, the emperor is filled with rage, so he transforms into his dragon form and goes inside the castle. There, he finally announces to all remaining fighters that the Straw Hat is dead and Momonosuke must now surrender. While Luffy’s friends don’t want to believe that their captain has actually died, both Momonosuke and Trafalgar Law confirm that they can no longer hear his voice. Kaidou then begins to fire his “Boro Breath” wildly, revealing to all who listen that he will now destroy the Flower Capital, whereupon all of Wano Country’s inhabitants will be forced to work as slaves in his weapons factories until their deaths. Although Momonosuke actually considers surrendering now due to the sheer hopelessness of the situation, some, including Marco, Law, Eustass Kid and Nekomamushi, nevertheless rise up with the last of their strength, as they would rather die than be subjugated by Kaidou. And Yamato also tries to make the Kozuki heir understand that surrender would mean nothing but the death of the entire population. Then suddenly Zunesha speaks up again, addressing Momonosuke: As he reports, he hears the voice of liberation for the first time in 800 years. This in turn comes from Joy Boy, who has returned! At this moment, the motionless Luffy begins to smile…

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The food from the One Piece restaurant delivered via the menu app is delicious! I can’t wait to order there again.

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