One Piece Chapter 1042


Ahh… the Germa 66’s emotionless sea voyage report, Part 6: “Take Niji and Yonji to Whole Cake Island.”
Oven has closed the book and wants to use it to get to Whole Cake Island through a mirror


Onigashima, on the battlefield of CP0: X. Drake has regained his feet and has rammed his sword through the chest of the remaining Cipher Pol agent from behind. The latter looks badly battered, but despite his injury he manages to free himself and finally takes out the former Supernovae with a finger pistol…

Meanwhile, on the roof: Using his technique “Gomu Gomu no Hydra”, Luffy defeats Kaidou with more and more violent blows, which the emperor cannot avoid due to Luffy’s constant changes of direction. Therefore, he unceremoniously transforms back into his dragon form and grabs Luffy with his mouth. Thereupon he starts his “Boro Breath”, which devastatingly drives Luffy into the ground. Now realizing that his powers are weakening and he can’t maintain Gear 4 mode for much longer, Luffy transforms into his Boundman to launch his final attacks. Thus, he first delivers a powerful Gomu Gomu no Over Kong Gun to Kaidou, which knocks him down again, but as the Straw Hat Captain follows up, Kaidou suddenly transforms back and painfully hits Luffy with his “Raiho Hakke”. With Haki already beginning to escape his body, Luffy is finally about to go for one final blow when, all of a sudden, the CP0 agent appears and stops him. Distracted by this, Kaidou manages to land a devastating clubbing blow instead….


  • The chapter title contains an allusion to Japanese poetry:Man’yōshū“(枕詞, literally, “pillow words”) in Japanese poems, called Waka (poetry), is a rhetorical device involving single words or phrases, generally of five syllables, that are linked in poems with other fixed words or phrases. By semantic superimposition, the poet could create associations and sounds, thereby adding atmosphere to the poem. Furthermore, Makurakotoba could also be described as an Epithet, basically an addendum or epithet.

Oda’s comment

Nobuyuki Sakuma’s ability to come up with ideas for his YouTube channel is amazing. Getting into fights during this time?! Must see!
Nobuyuki Sakuma is a Japanese television producer, director, writer, radio host and YouTuber. His YouTube channel, which Oda mentions here, is called “Nobuyuki Sakuma no NOBROCK TV” (佐久間宣行のNOBROCK TV).

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