One Piece Chapter 1041


Ahh… the Germa 66’s emotionless sea voyage report, part 5: “That’s for bullying Sanji! Pudding Punch!”
Pudding gives Niji and Yonji a punch with her fist.


Onigashima, Yamato and Momonosuke: The Kozuki heir has just reported that Zunesha has arrived in Wano Country to fight alongside him. This, in turn, might succeed in fulfilling Oden’s dream of opening the borders, as Momonosuke learned from the latter’s diary. On this occasion, however, the dragon confesses that he is no longer sure whether he wants this opening of the borders as well, due to the dangers that could lurk outside his home…

Meanwhile, inside the fortress: Raizo has won his battle against Fukurokuju when Jinbe appears to carry the immobilized ninja to safety from the blazing flames.

At the same time, Kurozumi Orochi, still in Komurasaki’s company, wonders where his bodyguard is when suddenly the ceiling collapses on him, burying the Shogun underneath. To his horror, however, Orochi is unable to transform into his Zoan form, which Komurasaki explains to him by saying that she used a Sea Stone Nail on him without noticing. She then reveals to her tormentor that she is none other than Kozuki Oden’s daughter….

Elsewhere on Izou: The former commander of the Whitebeard pirate gang has taken on the two members of CP0 and actually managed to take one of them out. But now he seems to be defeated himself, whereas the second agent is still on his feet. Then he is contacted by his superior via Den-den Mushi, who informs him in the name of the Five Elders of his new mission to eliminate Monkey D. Luffy immediately. While behind him X. Drake gets back on his feet, the agent reports that interfering in Kaidou’s fight is impossible…

Meanwhile, in the rest of the castle: while Usopp is on Hamlet’s back trying to get the badly wounded Kinemon and Kikunojo to safety, elsewhere Nekomamushi, Wanda and Carrot have gathered. Franky, on the other hand, has been able to reach Zoro, who appears to be unconscious. Likewise, Nami, accompanied by Marco and O-Tama, continues to try to find shelter from the shattering island, noting that Big Mom has indeed been defeated…

At the scene of this battle, Trafalgar Law and the Eustass Kid are lying on the ground, completely exhausted. They observe that the fight between Luffy and Kaidou is still raging above them…

There, the Emperor has also sensed that his comrade-in-arms has been beaten, which, in his drunkenness, causes him to burst into tears once again, as he had intended to find the One Piece with her. Hearing this, a raging anger rises in Luffy, whereupon he switches into Gear 4 mode and transforms into his Snakeman. Raging at Kaidou for daring to speak of his dreams, which would have brought nothing but misery to Wano Country, he delivers a volley of devastating, hook-enhanced punches to his opponent…!

Oda’s comment

Any meat will soften when soaked in salt water. I can’t wait to try this out for a barbecue!

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