One Piece Chapter 1039


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates exploring a jungle. A video of the drawing process was uploaded on the official Twitter channel.


Onigashima: While Momonosuke continues to use all of his strength to divert the flying island from its course before it crashes over the flower capital, Trafalgar Law and the Eustass Kid are still on the scene of their battle against Charlotte Linlin, whom they had previously been able to ram to the ground destructively with their combined forces. To their horror, however, the Empress is at this moment picking herself up even after such devastating hits, albeit visibly battered. As she heals her injuries using her devil powers, Law reveals to the Kid that his power will only last for the next attack, so this one will have to be the last. Big Mom then reaches for her “Maser Saber”, but Kid is able to counter it with his “Assign” technique, which causes Linlin to be attracted and pinned by a metal tower, allowing Kid to attack her with his metal bull. Although the latter can prevent a hit by spinning around together with the whole tower, this helps Law to have enough time to prepare his attack. At the same time, however, Big Mom also gathers her last energy reserves by uniting her homies Prometheus, Napoleon and Hera into one another, whereupon an oversized energy shape is created, which immediately attacks the two former supernovae. Law, however, has long been ready for action, and so he first brings down the tower that Big Mom has ripped out onto them. He then takes advantage of the Empress’ confusion to drill his “Kroom”-reinforced sword through her body a third time. Using the last of his strength, he finally creates an explosion so powerful that its shockwave rips through the entire island, thus driving Big Mom spitting blood into the ground. Still not defeated, she now wants to use her just-created form on the completely debilitated Law, when suddenly the Kid interferes again, who has formed a gigantic cannon. With this cannon he unloads a devastating burst of fire on Big Mom, which even seems to defeat the supposedly invulnerable Empress…

Oda’s comment

I’m a little late, but I saw Earwig and the Witch. Isn’t Aya cute? What a great anime.

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