One Piece Chapter 1036


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates as they stand above the rooftops of a frozen city that has been flooded. A tiger can be seen in the background, likely alluding to the Year of the Tiger, which began in 2022. A video of Oda’s sketching process was uploaded on the official Twitter channel.


Onigashima, at Zoro and King’s: After a devastating hit from the Straw Hat Pirates’s swordsman, “the forest fire” falls from the island, defeated. As he does so, he recalls how he once suggested to Kaidou that the latter was Joy Boy….

Meanwhile, the CP0 also learns that even the “disasters” have been defeated, which again improves the situation in favor of the alliance. Nevertheless, their chances are still slim, as Big Mom is still standing and Onigashima is already dangerously close to the flower capital. If Kaidou was defeated, his clouds of flames would disappear and the island would come crashing down. At the same time, the black monster created by Kanjuro was also on its way to the armory, which would lead to a gigantic explosion if it reached the armory, and thus would have the same fatal consequences…

Meanwhile, Yamato finds herself in front of the gate to this very chamber: Although the camp is guarded by Rokki, one of the Numbers, the Emperor’s daughter has managed to win over another representative of the giant unit, Fuga, to keep Rokki at bay…

Elsewhere, with Usopp, Kinemon and Kikunojo: The gunman is desperately trying to fend off the hordes of enemies to protect the two badly injured samurai, but he’s getting further and further into trouble. Then Izou suddenly appears on the scene and takes over the fight, so that Usopp can bring his former comrades-in-arms to safety.

At the same time at Scratchmen Apoo: The former Supernovae was able to escape from CP0 together with Inbi. In contrast, Zanki and also X. Drake were defeated seemingly effortlessly by the two agents. Then they get a situation update on the state of the confrontations via Den-den Mushi, from which it follows that they have to catch Nico Robin as soon as possible, since the fate of this era is likely to be decided in the next few minutes…

They are thinking of Luffy, who has started his duel against Kaidou on the roof. Although the emperor repeatedly ensures that the straw-hatted captain can’t launch an attack with powerful blows of his club, he now survives his attacks much better than before. Finally he uses a Gomu Gomu no Roc Gun, which even breaks through Kaidou’s defense and sends him painfully to the ground! Exhausted, but with a smile on their faces, the two opponents reveal to each other that they are now entering the fun phase of the fight…

Oda’s comment

Happy New Year! I hope this year we can do the barbecue I’ve been dreaming of. I want to barbecue!

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