One Piece Chapter 1035


25th Cover Story, Part 1: “Escape from Whole Cake Island”.
The Germa 66 fleet begins its retreat from Totto Land.


Onigashima, Kaidou’s castle: Sanji’s new technique Bœuf Burst has devastatingly hit Queen, so that he is hurled out of the walls defeated. When the Cook then tries to turn worriedly to the young woman who was harassed by Queen, he suddenly collapses, exhausted…

Meanwhile, elsewhere with Zoro and King, the Straw Hat Pirates swordsman is now able to put much more of a stop to his new sword, Enma, thanks to his King Shaki. Furthermore, he seems to have understood how King’s powers work: Thus, the flames that sprout from his body mean that he is protected against almost all attacks. In order to become faster, however, he extinguishes those very flames, which in turn makes him vulnerable. Thus, Zoro was able to deliver a painful sword blow to “Catastrophe” at that moment, which causes the latter’s mask to shatter. This reveals King’s appearance underneath the suit, which shows him humanoid with long, white hair. As the Beasts Pirates Pirate then recalls how he was once freed from a World Government experimental lab by Kaidou, he transforms back into his animal form and lays siege to Zoro with a series of furious attacks. The latter, however, is now able to parry the Lunaria, which is why it forms a giant dragon from its flames. Zoro then resorts to his now much more powerful three sword style, which he uses to slice the flame dragon in half and deliver a devastating cut to King…!

Oda’s comment

The Bachelor has started, but I’m too busy to watch it! Please don’t tell!!!
Oda is a self-confessed Bachelor and Bachelorette fan and has referenced it in previous comments, see chapters 908, 911 or 957.

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