One Piece Chapter 1034


Front page recap: “Usopp wins prizes for kids at festival shooting game” by Ebi


Onigashima, just below the flying island: After dozens of attempts, Momonosuke has finally managed to learn Kaidou’s ability to pack flame clouds. He now intends to use it to prevent the island from getting any closer to the flower capital….

Meanwhile, back at Sanji and Queen’s place, Disaster has just shot laser beams out of his eyes at the Cook using his Sparking Queen technique, reminding him of his brothers’ abilities. It is then that the Zoan user reveals that he is indeed in possession of all of the Germa 66’s achievements, whereupon he inflicts Sanji with his “Henry Queen” and “Winch Queen” attacks. Though clearly bruised by these hits, the Straw Hat Pirate is also enraged by his opponent’s incessant reminders of his hated family, whereupon he uses his Diable Jambe and cuts off Queen’s arm! Therefore, the Beasts Pirates Pirate now resorts to the technique that was intended for Sanji and suddenly turns invisible. The “Blackfoot” reciprocates by suddenly disappearing as well, much to Queen’s incomprehension, but in his case this is due to the superhuman speed awakened in him by the Germa 66 modifications. Waiting for Sanji to run out of energy sooner or later, the invisible Queen catches sight of a woman who has apparently rejected a wedding proposal from him several times. For this he is now about to punish her, when Sanji also reappears above him. With his body now strengthened, his Diable Jambe has reached a higher level, which he calls Ifrit Jambe. With this greater penetrating power, he immediately maltreats Queen with a whole series of burning kicks. Finally, his volley culminates in an enormously powerful frontal kick, which hurls the cyborg painfully away…

Oda’s comment

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